Worship, Healing, and Soul Care

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Soul Care, Worship, Healing, and Soul Care

Back in February Resurrection Church hosted two Worship & Healing Nights, one was held off-site at Crandall University and the other at our regular meeting location. The Rez team—which includes Pastor Scott Carroll (Lead Planter) and his wife Chrystal, as well as Pastor Tim Milner (Worship and Teaching) and his wife Dorilee—felt led to host these evenings as they had been meeting with many people, including several students, that shared stories of brokenness and pain, which was keeping these individuals captive. Pastor Scott and Chrystal had attended a soul care equipping conference in New Jersey the summer prior and were greatly impacted by the experience as they found deep inner healing and deliverance. After this experience, the Rez team had begun implementing soul care tools to help others walk in freedom and wholeness.

Between the two Worship & Healing Nights approximately 25-40 people attended, including several unsaved students. Many came forward for prayer and healing. Pastor Tim, who also serves as Dean of the Chapel at Crandall, said, “One of my freshmen in the worship program spent an extra half an hour after it was over witnessing to one of the unsaved young men. We have discovered an even greater number of students in need of a more thorough soul care environment. The harvest is overwhelming in this area. I really believe this is one of the key callings of Resurrection Church.”

Both leading up to, and after the healing nights, we have had multiple opportunities to minister to individuals and couples. We have specifically ministered to a couple of young ladies that were struggling with a variety of issues, stress, and dealing with effects of traumatic events in their lives. Both are now living more free lives and have a newfound joy. We know without a doubt that the “struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12), and this is especially true as we see many people who find themselves involved in the occult, struggling with identity, trapped in family sin patterns, withholding forgiveness, affected by deep wounds, and stricken with fear and anxiety. Jesus is the answer and He provides the freedom so many need—we must keep fighting these battles in the Spirit and we want to provide the environment for this freedom to take place.

Seeing the tremendous need for healing and deliverance in the lives of many believers that have crossed our paths, has further led Resurrection Church to host a soul care equipping conference this fall. The team is believing and praying that many will come to find the freedom they need to live a life fully surrendered to Christ. We desire to see the Body stronger and healthier. As the Church becomes whole, and as we all walk closer to Jesus, we will have a greater impact in our communities and many lives will be changed and impacted. We covet your prayers leading up to this event and for the duration of it as well; the dates are October 16-19, 2019.

Lastly, we are very excited to announce that this coming fall we are also preparing for our first baptism as three requests for individuals to be baptized came from those who attended the Worship & Healing Nights – GLORY TO GOD!

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