Jesus | A Series of Discovery with Andy Lambkin

This is a series intended to help introduce people to Jesus using the excellent, "Bible Project" animated videos.

In each video Andy acts as a "tour guide" recapping the previous video while preparing for the  next video.  At the end of each video a link is provided to the "Bible Project" Video.

In short, we have a 5 minute tour guide video prepared by Andy which leads to a 5 minute Bible Project video.

The series begins with four videos that take a big picture view of the Bible as a whole. The final videos look at the life of Jesus as told by the gospel of Luke.

Getting to Know the Simple Church Structure with Andy Lambkin

A New Ventures Resource

A simple video series intended to introduce people to simplechurches. If you're thinking about starting a simple/house/organic/missional church this series is intended to help answer some of your questions. We walk through our story, talk about some "how to's" and respond to a number of the commonly asked questions.

Report 2018-2019

This is the first time we have produced an annual report. While I trust you will find it informative, interesting, and eye-catching, my hope is that by the time you reach the end you will be in awe of the many amazing things God has done through the Alliance over the past two years.

Report 2018-2019

Youth Ministry Toolbox

Youth ministry is incredibly rewarding and challenging all at the same time and we are so thankful that you are taking on the mantle of leadership in your church. Our hope with this resource is to help give you a playbook to work from, to give you the building blocks to help shape your ministry, and give you a running start in the areas that can take a long time to craft.

The Bible, More than a Book with Dom Ruso

A New Ventures Resource

As a pastoral leader, I often get questions about the Bible. Where it came from, why it’s called God’s Word, is it trustworthy and is it still applicable today in the 21st century. These are great questions we must revisit if we desire to re-engage with a world that often gets many conflicting messages by those who claim to believe in the authority of the Bible.

Over the next few weeks we are going to explore some of these questions by studying an essential biblical idea. We will learn how to embrace the truth that the Bible is a gift to live into not just a book that we read. When this idea gets lost, we tend to use the Bible for personal debates hoping to find pure doctrinal answers. My hope is to help us think more theological about this issue so we will learn to see the Bible and its teaching as an invitation to believe that God is really making all things new.

Jaffray Project Resources

The Jaffray Project was introduced in 2016 to bring awareness and raise funds to send and support workers ministering to least-reached people groups (LRPG). These funds support workers in reaching LRPGs around the world.

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The God You May Not Know and it sequel, The God Made Known, are the first two books in the trilogy telling the story of the Canadian Alliance engagement in global mission. These books trace the hand of God in transforming and using ordinary people both in Canada and in different regions of the world.

We welcome you to our Canadian Alliance story and lean in our ongoing passion to bring the good news of Jesus to the yet unreached people around us.

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