Stats Card

Our 2018 statistics are now available for you to download. This statistics sheet is a great way to see numbers in action. The sheet includes information about our churches, our workers, our finances, and more. Are you looking for statistics that are not included on our sheet? Contact and let us know!

2018 Stats Card

Youth Ministry Toolbox

Youth ministry is incredibly rewarding and challenging all at the same time and we are so thankful that you are taking on the mantle of leadership in your church. Our hope with this resource is to help give you a playbook to work from, to give you the building blocks to help shape your ministry, and give you a running start in the areas that can take a long time to craft.

We are currently working on a resource portal for international workers, official workers, churches, and our key partners.  This log-in based resource portal, which we are affectionately calling the "Media Bank,"  will contain loads of templates, the C&MA brand graphics, photos, videos, stories, and other content. We also encourage churches and workers to upload their own content for sharing as well.  We aim to create a platform of creative resources that will be of support to the C&MA churches and workers in their ministries.  Want access?

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Jaffray Project Resources

The Jaffray Project was introduced in 2016 to bring awareness and raise funds to send and support workers ministering to least-reached people groups (LRPG). These funds support workers in reaching LRPGs around the world.

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The God You May Not Know and it sequel, The God Made Known, are the first two books in the trilogy telling the story of the Canadian Alliance engagement in global mission. These books trace the hand of God in transforming and using ordinary people both in Canada and in different regions of the world.

We welcome you to our Canadian Alliance story and lean in our ongoing passion to bring the good news of Jesus to the yet unreached people around us.

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