Tim and Nancy Moore

Barry and Geraldine McLeod

Our God Story

Nancy committed her life to Christ at a summer camp, and when she was 18, she solidified her commitment. Nancy attended Moody Bible Institute with the aim to become a missionary nurse.  Tim grew up in a minister’s home where mission was always the point of life. After a long season of complacent rebellion Tim surrendered his life to Christ, while in university, at 23. Tim and Nancy have been married since 1981. Tim has served as a professor at CBC/CTS/Ambrose, and a Youth Pastor at Glencarin Alliance Church and Unionville Alliance Church. Nancy’s ministry is caring for cancer and acute cardiac patients as a Registered Nurse. Together their 38 years of ministry service and marriage has been preparing them for this ministry with Envision.

Our Vision

We are engaged in the Envision Justice Semester to mentor the next generation of workers into the mission of Jesus Christ, and to see the Kingdom of God established among the local population of this community. Our rule of life has always been to know Him and make Him known.

Our Current Priorities

Nancy will be mentoring JSEM students, teaching English to local women, and caring for the local IW Team. Tim will teach Gap Year students for their three months with Justice Semester and continue to develop curriculum in an effort to disciple JSEM students. Together they will be involved in hosting short-terms teams from North America and assist in mentoring interns from ministry schools who join Envision Phuket. Tim and Nancy also look forward to being involved with Pastor Ken “K.R.” and Darlene Paton at Missional International Church in Phuket.

Our Team

South Thailand Team


If you would like to receive our prayer letters, please email us at: tim.moore@hostedsys.ca. We are so grateful for everyone’s support!


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to "C&MA Canada".



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