The Good Shepherd of Mexico City

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A woman is sitting on a bench. She is leaning forward with her elbows resting on her knees.

I welcomed my friend at the front door of our apartment building. We walked to the elevator and I could tell that she seemed off. As we sat in the apartment, she unloaded the many things that were weighing on her heart and mind—she barely touched the coffee I had poured for her. Stressful circumstances seemed to be pressing in on every side.

When she ran out of words, we were both speechless. I felt inadequate to help and prayed silently that Jesus would give me wisdom as I walked with my friend through this difficult time. I told her that I had no idea what to do to help her, but I was confident that the Good Shepherd would lead us.

I began to pray and halfway through the second sentence my friend’s hands smacked down on the table. “I can ́t do this!” she cried. Anxiety was crawling over her and she had a pounding headache; I knew right away that they enemy was interfering. I explained to my friend what I thought was happening and in the name of Jesus I silenced the enemy and commanded him not to interfere with what God was wanting to do.

What followed was a beautiful example of the Good Shepherd speaking to His scared little lamb and leading her through a dark valley to green pastures.

In a way that only He could, the Holy Spirit began to address some things that had created bondage in my friend ́s life. He ministered His presence and brought healing to some very painful memories.

He shepherded her through repentance and forgiveness. He brought to her mind a symbol of witchcraft that she still had hidden away in her house, forgotten, and she confidently knew that she could destroy it without fear because Jesus is the Victorious One.

Can I just say how relieved and grateful I am that Jesus knew where to go and how to meet my friend at that moment? I can confidently say that my friend and I experienced Jesus that day: the forgiveness of the Savior, the Healer’s touch on painful memories, the Sanctifier’s conviction and empowerment to take steps of repentance and obedience, the Coming King’s power to break every stronghold.

Do it again, Lord Jesus!

Will you pray for the people of Mexico City? Many have been culturally conditioned with an understanding of God the Father as distant, cold, and vengeful. They prefer to, and even feel that they need to, access God through the Virgin of Guadalupe and the saints. It breaks my heart, both that the Father they know looks very little like that Father that Jesus revealed to us in His earthly ministry, and that they turn to saints even though their need for an intercessor is met in Jesus Himself.

As you pray for Mexico City, will you pray that Catholics, the Huichol and other indigenous people, those who come from—or who have turned to—atheism and other world religions, would have a fresh revelation of Jesus? Pray that they would come to understand Jesus and his work on the cross as described in Hebrews 2:14-15.

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