Setting the Oppressed Free

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Jesus says, “He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free” (Luke 4:18). These truths have become reality for many Guineans this past year.

Jesus is doing some amazing things in the hearts of pastors, denominational leaders, and congregations. Before our very eyes we are seeing people being freed of shame and pain that they have carried from  their youth.

God has given Stephen Albright (C&MA U.S.) and I the great honour of teaching Soul Care Conferences here in Guinea. It all began with the author of Soul Care, Rob Reimer, coming to Guinea to conduct a conference with 400 Alliance pastors.

My ministry has been mainly in reaching the lost but God has made it clear this year that He desires a revival in His church so that the Church can be strengthened to reach the lost. The Holy Spirit is moving and we keep getting requests to teach this very critical material, not only to Alliance churches, but to like-minded denominations. We have already participated in three conferences and we   are participating in another six to seven in the next few months.

We recently began a conference at a church in Conakry. A Guinean friend of ours, Silas, decided to return to this church after being absent for months. He had refused to attend because he had been hurt by another believer, Anne. The entire church was aware of this division because Silas had played an important role in the church. Silas sat at the front of the church, not realizing that he was sitting beside Anne. As he listened to the message, he felt the hurt and anger return. After the message was finished, the acting pastor of the church told us to hold hands with the person to our left and pray for one another. Silas had no choice but to hold the hands of Anne. As they began to pray, Anne was convicted and asked for Silas’ forgiveness, and Silas—in obedience to God— forgave Anne. Silas was freed from the bitterness and was immediately filled with God’s joy. Only Jesus can orchestrate such moments.

Many men and women have suffered here in Guinea. Women are especially oppressed and have suffered from very painful acts. Many secrets have been kept within their hearts. Secrets damage our souls. Soul care has brought healing to many women as they release their pain to our Lord Jesus. One woman, Marie, went home one evening after a soul care message and confessed everything to her husband. Her husband listened and responded in the same way. She stood up in church the next day and testified with joy that it she and her husband felt like newlyweds again.

People in Guinea are desiring to know Jesus more. He is freeing the prisoners from their chains. He is setting the oppressed free. He is amazing and we love watching Him work.

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