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The overarching theme for this Fall 2018 Magazine comes alongside the theme for General Assembly 2018: Deeper in Jesus, further on mission. We invite you to take a look at how God has been at work in our people, our churches, our workers, and our partners this past year. We want to show you what it really looks like when individuals choose to go deeper in Jesus and as a result, go further on mission.

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The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is Christ-Centred, Spirit-Empowered, and Mission-Focused. And we are on mission together! Stay in touch with us and get the latest inspiring stories and resources.



The God You May Not Know

The God You May Not Know shares personal stories of Canadian workers that made sacrifices to be sent out to plant spiritual seeds and nurture different communities in various countries. This is a collection of stories about people like you, people who have a hope, destiny, and dreams. These are people called by an extraordinary God with an extraordinary calling: “Go”.

This book will take you through different places that were once foreign to the gospel and how these communities have been transformed since then. The first hundred years of God on mission through the C&MA in Canada are captured in these pages, and we believe that they are part of a story that He is still writing.

We welcome you to our Canadian Alliance story and lean in our ongoing passion to bring the good news of Jesus to the yet unreached people around us.

The God Made Known

The God Made Known is the second book in a trilogy of telling the story of the Canadian Alliance engagement in global mission. These chapters continue to trace the hand of God in transforming and using ordinary people both in Canada and in different regions of the world.

This second volume, like the first, is intended to inspire a new generation of Canadians to find a dynamic 21st century way of engaging in the mission of God. These chapters, particularly the autobiographical material in the second part of the book, seek to portray the great joy there is in serving the living God in cross-cultural settings. Though hardships were plenty, though sacrifice was costly, God’s faithfulness was experienced as God’s Spirit brought change and people turned to walk in the light of the presence of Jesus.