On Mission Together: March – April 2019

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On Mission Together, On Mission Together: March – April 2019

Winter’s passing and the blades of grass peaking out from under the snow bring the promise of spring. Thankfully, God does not need to wait for a certain season to raise new life. His Spirit is working all year with our workers to thaw frozen hearts with the salt of His Word and the warmth of His grace.


The fragrance of their flowers whispers, “There is change in the air” (Song of Solomon 2:13 TPT).

Kent and Clara are asking God that the buds of new life will bloom and release His fragrance as a way to diffuse change in the nation they serve. They are witnessing a movement of the Gospel that is being fuelled by prevailing prayer.

Seher has had four dreams about Jesus. This most recent dream gave Clara the opportunity to share the message of the cross. This time, the Lord opened Seher’s heart to accept and receive what she had heard! Seher said, “I want to walk in this way of love. I believe in Jesus with all my heart.”

Kent and Clara are trusting that the fragrance of this budding flower will whisper, “There is change in the air.”

Praise Jesus with a roaring “hallelujah” for the way He patiently waits for new life to open up to His light and love.

Pray that Seher’s new faith will grow strong and not be trampled on by the Enemy.


Through Dan and Jenica’s church ministry, two women from different backgrounds have recently discovered the freedom from fear and condemnation through a new life with Christ.

Laura was involved with witchcraft and angel worship when her friends started to pray for her. Three years later, she had reached a place where she was ready to accept Jesus—she was ready before the church service started! That is where she met Jenica.  What joy that Laura was baptized on January 20.

Marya had been raised as a Christian but felt the sting of condemnation through living a religious life of rules and restrictions. By studying the Gospel Primer in a small group with the Van Essens, Marya fell in love with Jesus and is freely talking about Him to friends and family where there previously had been dividing lines.

Praise God that He is over all principalities and powers and has brought these two women from fear to freedom! Praise God for the faithful prayers of Laura’s friends.

Pray for Dan and Jenica as they continue to teach people how to understand their identity in Christ. Pray for Laura and Marya as they continue to grow in their identities as daughters of God.


The students arrived back from the Christmas break eager to tell Derek and Bonnie of the new believers—the new life—in the churches where they had ministered. It was an astonishing thought for the Burnetts to realize that men and women will be in heaven because of the prayers that were showered over these students. Jesus moved in response to their request. Be encouraged at the thought of someday seeing the answers to your prayers in heaven, even if they appear to be unanswered right now.

Praise God for the eternal impact that we can make on people we have never met simply by praying for those ministering to them.

Pray that the hearts of these new believers will be good soil that produces much fruit! Pray that God’s Word will not be snatched from their hearts. Pray as well that this will inspire the students to keep sharing their faith whenever they have a chance.


Colette leads a team of godly men and women who minister in a prison. There is an aching hunger for the hope that Jesus gives to everybody. God has actively responded to this hunger. Two of Colette’s team members go twice each week to lead a church service and a Bible study, and there has been a flux of spiritual growth in recent months. Nine men were baptized at one service. On another occasion, three women and one man gave their lives to Jesus after listening to a message given by a pastor, which was followed by a lively, theatrical re-enactment.

It is inspiring to see God work with all kinds of soil—rocky, sandy, clay—to grow new life that will extend His Kingdom. Colette excitedly shares, “It does not get any better than this!”

Praise God that His Word can be planted and grow in any kind of condition! Praise God for the bumper crop that has been harvested in recent months.

Pray for the team that regularly ministers to these men and women. Pray that they will continue to be a blessing to those who need to see Jesus’ love in action.

Sea to Sea

New things can happen through simple obedience. Even though Jose and Jocelyn are home in Canada for medical reasons, God is still using their readiness to serve Him. God planted the idea of Global Semester in their hearts after they sought His direction.

Global Semester is a program for Envision Canada and Global Ministries; the first cohort will depart May 31, 2019 to Senegal. Global Semester is an eight-week trip to visit and learn from international workers (IW). Participants will experience what it means to be an IW as they get a taste of learning a language, adapting to local culture, and immersing themselves in a lifestyle of prayer and community. Participants will also be discerning how they can be a blessing to the nations.

Individuals, couples, and families are encouraged to prayerfully consider a Global Semester. Talk to your pastor or church leader, and check out Envision Canada’s website: envisioncanada.org/global-semester

Pray with Jose and Jocelyn for the development of Global Semester and for opportunities to share this program with churches and potential participants.

Praise God for Jose and Jocelyn’s obedience to God’s leading and for the changed lives that will come from Global Semester!

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