Nassir and Rabeea

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“How are we going to pay for all of this?” Naasir* asked himself about his bills.

Naasir, his wife Rabeea*, and their two daughters are from Syria. They lived in a refugee camp before moving to a house in a village in Germany. They faced many challenges during these transitions, and just when they felt things were getting better, Rabeea faced a health crisis.

People from three denominations—Alliance, Southern Baptist, and Presbyterian—were able to support Naasir and Rabeea through their challenges. It is a heartwarming example of Christians working together to show God’s love.

While getting a ride to an appointment, Naasir shared, “This morning, I was just praying, asking ‘God, who are you? I want to know who you are.’ Then I heard God say to me, ‘I am the Lord. Believe in me.’ God said that. So, what do I do?”

Naasir accepted Jesus that day.

Nassir has since shared, “I feel that peace that people keep saying that Jesus gives. I’m starting to feel that in my heart.” He then added, “My dream is for all Muslims to know this true Jesus.”

He went home and told Rabeea. They had been reading a children’s Bible together, and he was excited to see if she was ready to accept Jesus too.

That evening, she gave her life to Christ.

Rabeea and Naasir are now engaged in discipleship in their heart language.

*Naasir and Rabeea are pseudonyms


We currently have about 200 international workers, living in over 30 different countries. They are present in the lives of so many, meeting their needs and showing the love of Christ to people like Naasir and Rabeea.




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