God Provided

May 18, 2021 | < 1
Bryan and Jessyka

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Hannah is a first year university student. She was Jessyka’s previous language helper.

Hannah has spent the last 7 years living in an unofficial internally displace person camp with her family. She has studied very hard and graduated high school with top marks. This allowed her to attend public university for civil engineering with free tuition.

However, Hannah still has other expenses each month; transportation, an internet card for online school because of restrictions due to COVID-19, and study materials. Her family, though poor, had been able to help support her for these things from December until the end of April.

One Sunday night Hannah messaged Jessyka asking if she knew anyone who could give her some work as a language helper. Jessyka said she would ask around (but wasn’t feeling super optimistic!). Jessyka could tell that Hannah was very worried and upset so she prayed with Hannah, that God would provide for her needs.

The following Thursday, Jessyka received a message from a different friend looking for a language helper! Jessyka connected them both, and two days ago they had their first lesson. Hannah exclaimed to Jessyka, “You prayed and God provided!” With praise and faith, we trust that Hannah will be open to further conversations and encounters with God’s love!



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