God is on the move

December 15, 2022 | < 1
The Alliance Canada


God is on the move

In Southeast Asia, our team worked with exploited women and children. Part of the aftercare process was ESL education to help them begin dreaming about the future. They used scrabble tiles play these simple games and competitions; one used the tiles to write “God” and “love.”

There is power in that; wherever we are, God is in control. He is king, and he rules. He extends his love and grace for us so we might know it, receive his mercy, and be empowered.

Thank you for your trust and sacrifice as you give to the Global Advance Fund.

God is on the move, and I am filled with hope and anticipation of what he is calling The Alliance Canada to in this next season.

As we head into this holiday season, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, as you consider your year-end gift, would you consider the Global Advance Fund to be part of this story in greater ways in the months and years ahead?





The Alliance Canada

The Allianc Canada is people in churches share the love, truth, and hope of the Gospel with people worldwide who may never have heard the name “Jesus” before.

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The Global Advance Fund (GAF) is a pooled fund that supports our workers in Canada and around the world to share the Gospel with people who haven't yet heard the name of Jesus. Your continued generosity equips and sustains our workers and their ministry.



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