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Jaffray Offering

Opportunities to Give

Your gift will reaCH PEOPLE WITH GOD'S LOVE!

Giving is a tangible form of worship, a privilege we are blessed with. We allocate our resources through a variety of funds listed below. Each fund has an extensive list of initiatives and points of focus.

In Memory/Honour

Helpful Resources

Preauthorized Payment Form | Church Remittance Form | Donor FAQ

Global Advance Fund

Make a donation to support the global work of The C&MA in Canada

Five S Regional Map

Around the globe Alliance workers are active in everything from building the local church to increasing educational opportunities, from helping people gain access to clean water to advocating for the marginalized. The Global Advance Fund is the primary means of providing for our Alliance workers. Each worker's cost of living in the country where he or she serves comes from this fund.

International Workers 

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Caribbean Sun Desert SandSilk RoadAsian SpiceUndisclosed Multiple Funds | US WorkersPersonal Gifts | Gifts in Memory/Honour | Multi-regions | Envision

Not sure where a worker is serving? Find them on the Workers List.

International workers in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia are encountering people waiting to experience the love, hope, health, and life of Jesus.

Some workers are in areas where their names are undisclosed for their safety, and some work and travel across Multi-regions, while others are part of Envision Canada

We can also send donations to US workers and personal gifts to Cdn workers.

Projects (Approved Specials)

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Caribbean Sun | Desert Sand | Silk RoadAsian SpiceSea to Sea | US Projects | Emergency Response Justice & CompassionDefend DignityEnvision Canada | Gifts in Memory/Honour | Multi-regions | Alliance Women's Ministry Project

Not sure which project to invest in? Look through the different Causes we're involved in.


Communities in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Canada are being transformed by Jesus as workers develop projects and respond to the needs of the people living there. Some projects span multiple regions.

Through the National Ministry Centre you are able to respond to emergencies, offer hope through Justice & Compassion initiatives, Defend Dignity, and support leadership development opportunities through Envision Canada.  We can also facilitate donations to US projects.

If you want to make one donation to more than one fund, use Multiple Funds

Other Ways to Give

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Gifts in Memory/Honour Estate PlanningShare Donations | Prayer

For Estate Planning, Stock Donation Inquiries, or other questions, please email donations@cmacan.org

Celebrate the life of someone special through Gifts in Memory or Honour, where you can donate to workers and/or projects.

Your due diligence in Estate Planning now can leave a positive legacy for your family later. Free services are available through the C&MA’s partnership with Advisors with Purpose.

The donation of shares to a project, worker, or Alliance Church in Canada can be made through the National Ministry Centre. Inquiries about Share Donations will provide information about this process.

Pray with us using these Prayer Resources; prayer is an essential part of living on mission, and it has powerful effect.

Please Note: The use of externally restricted donations is confined to Board of Director approved funds, programs, and projects. Each contribution will be used as designated by the donor with the understanding that when that particular fund, program, or project has been fully funded or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Board, contributions so designated will be used where most needed.