Caring for the Soul

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Thirty national church leaders from the Island walked through three Soul Care lessons with a short-term team from Canada. It was a success as several leaders have asked for the handouts to teach in their local churches. God’s healing presence was felt throughout the program.

Pastor Ivan experienced healing from a childhood wound. He didn’t understand the emotional distance he felt when he visited his ill father. In our listening prayer time, God revealed a childhood memory of his father refusing to teach him how to make shoes. This created a wound of rejection. God redeemed the memory and showed him that Jesus was there with him and hands outstretched to give him a hug. Even though the prayer was in Spanish, a man from Saskatchewan got up and gave him a big hug. It is amazing how God united our hearts across the language of love!

Praise God for the healing that took place within the leaders’ hearts and lives!
Pray for these leaders as they implement this program in their local churches throughout the Island.

Download the PDF’s: English | French | Chinese

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