Call for Nomination Papers

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Call for Nomination Papers
for the Position of President of
The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA)

The Committee on Nominations for the 2020 General Assembly of the C&MA is prepared to receive nomination papers from candidates who wish to be considered for nomination to the position of President of the C&MA in Canada.

The C&MA in Canada has adopted a governance model that commits the President to lead the C&MA in the achievement of organizational ends, while complying with executive limitations established by the Board of Directors.

Candidates for the position of President of the C&MA will be persons of exemplary character and spiritual maturity, who have demonstrated capacity to provide spiritual and organizational leadership for a complex, ethnically-diverse family of Alliance churches.  All candidates must be Canadian citizens, approved for licensing by the C&MA in Canada, a member of a local church, which is a member of the C&MA in Canada, and have significant Canadian ministry leadership experience.

Interested individuals are encouraged to access the various documents currently available on the website of the C&MA in Canada at related to the vision, mission and values of the Canadian Alliance.

The incumbent President, Rev. Dr. David Hearn, is completing his second four-year term. Dr. Hearn says he has been both humbled and thrilled to lead our family of churches over the past eight years.  After much prayer and discernment, he has decided that he would be honoured to continue serving our C&MA family and has communicated his intention to allow his name to stand for a third and final four-year term.

Nomination papers from all candidates must be completed and submitted with all necessary documentation by March 1, 2020.  The required components of the nomination papers can be found here.

Please forward an electronic copy of nomination papers and direct related inquiries to:

Rev. Carla Olsen Draper, Chair
2020 General Assembly Committee on Nominations
(403) 241-9777


  1. Ministry Description of the President
  2. Criteria for Nomination Papers for the President
  3. Evaluation of Current and Past Ministries for 2020 Presidential Candidates

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