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Niger flagPaul and Chantelle McIverDesert Sand
Blog: nvoc.ca/

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To manifest the love of Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit of God to the Western Fulani and Tuareg peoples of Niger through holistic service which includes initiating movements of reproducing indigenous communities of Jesus followers.

Paul and Chantelle met in Red Deer, Alberta, in 1997. They married in 2000 and lived in Calgary until 2007, when they were appointed to become international workers (IWs). They first went to Quebec for Paul to learn French and then moved to Niger in June of 2008. Together, they have three children: Bennett, Arielle, and Ella.

Paul grew up in British Columbia and Chantelle grew up in Alberta. Both Chantelle and Paul have enjoyed attending C&MA churches in their years as believers and are passionate about bringing the Good News, as well as concrete helps and development training, to the hurting in this world.

When Paul was 12 years old, he committed to serving in missions when he attended General Assembly (a bi-annual meeting of the C&MA in Canada). He started Bible school, but later realized that his gifts were stronger in trades, so he pursued trades and looked for ways to use his skills cross-culturally.

Chantelle always had a passion to work with the poor, and as she grew closer to Christ, she realized that physical help alone was unbalanced and looked to incorporate spiritual growth. Chantelle finished a Masters of International Development to round out her knowledge before heading overseas. In 2006, they were approached to consider joining the team in Niger where development was a strong goal of the newly forming team.

The McIvers work in Niamey, Niger. Niger is consistently rated among the poorest countries in the world, which surely poses a challenge for both development and spiritually-oriented programs! They work with the nomadic Tuareg people group who speak the language of Tamasheq, which is loosely related to Arabic.

Niger is a very hot and dusty country with a struggling economy and high levels of poverty and child marriage and an unskilled work force, all of which the McIvers are attempting to address with their programs, as well as strong biblical values and mentoring.

Paul and Chantelle are the founders and directors of the Niger Vocational Training School (NVOC). The school focuses on educating and mentoring young women who are at risk for poverty, child marriage, and prostitution.

Paul works at the men’s apprentice shop, a welding and fabricating shop that makes products for the NGO and expat community while also training his apprentices in trade, business skills, and incorporates strong mentoring.

The McIvers love that they have found a job that is also a calling and uses the gifts that God has given them. They love that they are using their passions and that they are giving their children the gift of having a greater worldview and experiences outside of their home country, to learn a new language, and to have a better understanding of the world. The most challenging part of being an IW is the distance from their families.

Your support to the Global Advance Fund is greatly appreciated to help keep them on the field to minister to these young Tuareg men and women.

Updated February 24, 2016