Better Than Money

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Better Than Money, Better Than Money

A few weeks ago, Cnn and one of our national colleagues had the opportunity to pray for healing for one of our handicraft artisans, Mary. Mary had been suffering with a bad cough for 2.5 months and no amount of medicine or doctor’s visits had brought any relief. Mary had texted us the day before we were supposed to meet with the artisan group and asked if we would stay behind to pray for her.

After the meeting that day, we prayed for Mary in the name of the Son. We asked that the coughing would stop and that she would be able to sleep through the night. The next morning, she texted us and told us she had slept through the night for the first time in months and that the coughing had significantly improved!

Mary also told us that the other ladies in the artisan group had each contacted her to ask why we had stayed after to speak to her. They had asked if we had given her more money because she’s the leader of the group. She told them, no, we had not given her money, we had given her something better than money – we had prayed for her!

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