Visas in the Silk Road

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Silk Road, Visas in the Silk Road

Our new teammates had trouble with their visas, giving us three weeks to find a way to keep them in the country. After facing the disappointment of not finding a solution, God gave us something we couldn’t have dreamed of: an agency that provided a visa—and new friends.

Hussein was on his prayer rug when we arrived at his office for a meeting. He and his colleagues did an amazing amount of work to see our teammates receive their residency cards.

Hussein’s efforts, help, and friendship are a blessing. He even asked me why I was not at church on Friday! Living on the same street as the church, he did not see our car and cared enough to ask.

We are thankful to God for Hussein and his team for allowing us to work alongside them. With such a beginning, what else might God have in store for our team and our new friendship with Hussein?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in this new friendship between Don and Hussein.
Praise God for providing visas and new friends for Don, Betty, and their team.

This story is part of On Mission Together (OMT) May-June 2019 issue.
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