Using Modern-Day Parables

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Rolling hills with a slight mist over them.

She is an immigrant from North Africa, estranged from her husband and children, as well as her family. We spent months in language exchange, using modern-day parables and stories. One morning we were reading the Sermon on the Mount together, and she repeatedly exclaimed, “This is so beautiful!”

In her country, where less than 1% are Christians, the government forbids the people from being swayed away from following Islam. Since immigrating to Europe they have an opportunity to hear the Message of hope without government pressure and persecution.

Our hope is that we would be able to boldly and faithfully represent the Gospel in word and deed.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal to our friends that they are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ.
Call to action: Share a modern-day parable with someone.

This story is part of On Mission Together (OMT) November-December 2019 issue.
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