A Kleenex Box and the Cross

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The rain was pouring down as I drove toward town with my eldest daughter, Jessica. Her nose was running relentlessly and there was not a tissue anywhere to be found in my car. She was deeply frustrated and asked, “Does God care enough to provide a Kleenex® box?” I was … Read More

Attentive to the Dove

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During my seminary years at Regent College, I got a job as a Chicken Farmers Assistant. Limited training was needed and the wages looked great to a struggling student. One of my tasks included going through the chicken barns every morning to remove any deceased birds. In my first week … Read More

You Are More Dangerous Than You Think!

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Not too long ago, I had the opportunity of hearing from one of the five leaders who provide oversight to over 52 million believers in the underground church in China. Her name is Lucy; she is petite, passionate, and powerful. When she speaks, there is a profound authority that captivates … Read More

No Junior Holy Spirit

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December 31st, 2017 was a monumental day for me. I had the opportunity to baptize my youngest daughter, her best friend, my son-in-law and our nine-year-old grandson. Each one of them shared an amazing story of God’s grace, intervention and anointing. In particular, our grandson, Jordan, caught everyone’s attention and … Read More

On Mission Together – January 2018

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We want to introduce to you the new On Mission Together, which will be published bi-monthly moving forward. You can continue to stay connected with us through our digital e-newsletter, C&MA Connection, which features our latest inspiring stories, resources, and more.

A New Year’s Call: Do Not Give Up!

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What is it that you are facing in this coming year? Where are the places of pain and ache in your heart? Are you starting a new year already defeated? I want to urge you to “take heart!” To not give up! And here’s why… For the past two years … Read More

Christmas: Finding Light in the Darkness

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Christmas. What’s the first thing that comes to mind about Christmas for you? Is it the peaceful nativity scene of baby Jesus? Is it the joyful carols that we sing? What about the many feasts that we’ll be eating during this time? Or is it the season of giving and … Read More

But With You Here, I Feel Like I’m Seeing My Son

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Recent news headlines have indicated more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees escaped persecution and violence in Myanmar to Bangladesh refugee camps. But with the increasing number of refugees in these makeshift shelters, families now face hunger and disease. For the last five years, Bob and Karin have been working with Rohingya communities in … Read More