Sex, Poverty, Garbage, and You

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A dump landfill

Sex – Karina’s Story Karina came to us, by order of a judge, when she was 15 years old. She was impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend. The family had moved into the boyfriend’s home when Karina was 12. He gave Karina extra attention and gifts right from the beginning. It … Read More

A Normal Worth Longing For

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A man is sitting on a stool in front of a blue door playing a trumpet.

One of the questions that is at the front of everyone’s mind these days is, “When will things go back to normal?” We are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 and many parts of Canada are returning to restrictions previously lifted. The longer the pandemic persists the more COVID cracks … Read More

Come Holy Spirit Come

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A blue background with white lettering that reads "Come Holy Spirit Come"

These three words are repeated six times every single Sunday in my congregation as the congregational response to the communion liturgy. We pray them in earnest that the third person of the Godhead would make His presence known in our gathering and would mediate to us the elements of the … Read More

Inclusion and Embrace

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A stethoscope

This article is written from the viewpoint of Christian and Missionary Alliances Chaplains working within a health care setting and not of the employer organization. To protect privacy and confidentiality – names and details of the interventions described in this letter have been changed. I breathe in. My lungs swell … Read More

Citizens of Nowhere

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Satellite image of fields and roads and what seems to be demolished buildings

Persecuted people are easy to ignore until you see their faces and hear their stories. Once you do, everything changes. I sat in my refugee friend’s living room as she shared about her life back in Myanmar. Using Google Earth to find her actual village, we could clearly see the … Read More

Not the First Not-So-Merry Christmas

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"Not the first not-so-merry Christmas"

The words “merry” and “happy” do not mesh well with words we have been hearing for most of 2020. Words like “vulnerable,” “fatigue,” and “death” seem to fit better. Fear, grief, and stress have been the companions for many of us during this very abnormal year. It should not be … Read More

Sango Malamu (Good News)

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By James Sawatsky The Sango Malamu Trio (later known as the Kinshasa Band I and II) travelled together ministering in worship evangelism all over the area of Kinshasa, the Bas-Zaire, in several other provinces of the nation, and in other nations of West Africa. We made three trips across Canada … Read More

The Wind Blows Where it Wishes

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A dandelion losing seed in the wind.

A young 14-year-old boy named Andrew* came to the clinic complaining of severe abdominal pain and distension. In desperation, his parents brought him to our little Christian hospital. They said they had taken him to many doctors and hospitals for the past two years but without any benefit. His mother … Read More

Advent – A Season of Waiting

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Five white candles in glass vases

As a Mom, a wife, a friend who loves to create all the feels of Christmas in our celebrations and consequently all the work that comes with that, I have had to discipline myself to take time for Advent, to embrace this season of waiting, of silence, of stillness. Advent … Read More

Moving from Shame to Honour

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A pair of silver scissors with a green background.

At our project’s new hair school, I found myself sitting in a salon chair staring into the eyes of a beautiful woman who was cutting my bangs as straight as humanly possible. These eyes were huge and full of determination. I was suddenly brought back to the first time I … Read More