Self-Quarantine or Quarantine Self?

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Rolls of toilet paper.

I was recently on a massive conference call with over 2000 Christian leaders across Canada. People shared words of wisdom and revelation providing great inspiration and hope. During this time, one Christian leader stated, “I believe God is calling His church to not just self-quarantine but to quarantine self in … Read More

Psalm of Spice

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I love the Psalms. They are real, personal, heartfelt, and include so many emotions. COVID-19 has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I have mixed feelings about roller coasters, and I have mixed emotions about the situation we are in.  The ‘we’ is important because all of us … Read More

In Good Times and in Times of Adversity

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Please note: This story relates to COVID-19 and death. It was 2014 in Spain when we met a dear family, Allan and Maria and kids. Allan is a Spanish History teacher and his wife, a nurse, serving in a hospital. We enjoyed our friendship for several years. Every New Year’s … Read More

Experiencing Peace

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A headset and a laptop

On a typical Monday evening we would be headed to our language exchange group. This is where we can practice our Spanish, and Spanish speakers can practice their English. We often play word games, or the leader of the evening will ask a specific question that everyone takes a turn … Read More

It was Totally Worth It!

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Through our church planting project in Bergen, we got to know Tony, an exchange student from Hong Kong. Being a natural leader, he brought a group of friends to our home for hearty meals and Bible studies. It was then we realized that all these young people grew up in … Read More

A Different Kind of Frontline Work

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They come early, eager to see if their names are on the list, eager to see that the food has arrived. They line up and take a handful of hand sanitizer, pass their UNHCR refugee cards over the desk for us to verify, and receive a small cash allowance for … Read More

Chinese Buns

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Steamed Buns

I live in the same condominium as Happy*, a Buddhist grandmother who is living with her daughter’s family (son-in-law and a 12-month granddaughter). Happy knows that I’m a Christian, and even though we have different beliefs we get along well. Every Saturday, we go to the open market to do … Read More

Final Frontiers

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A Frontier.

This year I turned sixty-one years old. I am very different than I was in my twenties and thirties. I have matured; I am a little more self-aware and I hope a little more kind and gracious. However, I recognize that God is still chipping away at some areas of … Read More

The Wounded Leader

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Ivan resonated with the message given by our Canadian Seamless Link church pastor. The pastor had come with one of his board members to provide leadership and soul care training for our Caribbean Island national leaders of an Alliance house church movement. Ivan is a local church pastor who also … Read More