When Walls Break

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A front door that is flooded

This story was written by International Worker, Katie. I was just sending a message to a friend to check on plans for the next day when I heard my housemate, Chelsey’s, voice: “The water is in the house!” What?! I dashed over to look. Murky water was lapping over the … Read More

God is Singing Over You

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A field of sunflowers with the sun setting behind it.

Over the summer, Agnes and I began watching The Chosen, a television series on the life of Jesus. The reactions and expressions depicted by the actor playing Jesus are so raw and vulnerable that I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable. This is one of the most vivid portrayals of … Read More

Journal Entries from an International Worker

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A journal lies open on a table

I have been involved in many disaster relief efforts, but none compares to the “human induced” disaster from last year. It takes your breath away and rips your heart out to see what humans can do to humans. September 23, 2019: In a nearby highland town, after weeks of build-up, local rioters went … Read More

Defend Dignity’s REVEAL Webinars

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Reveal Conference

Defend Dignity is hosting REVEAL webinars: a series of four free online webinars to teach about our sexually exploitative and pornified culture along with practical ways to respond. At these webinars, participants will learn about the harms of pornography and how to protect their family from its dangers. The first … Read More

Call for Nomination Papers for the Position of District Superintendent of The Canadian Pacific District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA)

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Canadian Pacific District

The Committee on Nominations for the 2021 District Conference of The Canadian Pacific District (May 18-19, 2021) is prepared to receive Nomination Papers from candidates who wish to be considered for nomination to the position of District Superintendent. The CPD is a complex, diverse family of 82 churches and ministries, … Read More


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It was a big decision. Agnes and I had been praying about moving for several months. God had made it clear that, with our girls all having moved out, it is time for us to sell our four-bedroom home and downsize to a compact home more sensible for just the … Read More

5 Reasons to Watch the President’s Report

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5 Reasons to Watch the President's Report

The President’s Report is an opportunity to see how God is moving among the Alliance and consider where God is leading us next. Join in worship with fellow believers all across the world! Catch a glimpse of the community and be encouraged that you are a part of a movement … Read More

3 Ways to Watch the President’s Report

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3 Ways to Watch the President's Report

There are two places to watch the President’s Report. You can either watch it through our public Facebook account (you do not need a Facebook account to do so), or through our website. The benefit of watching it via Facebook is that you are able to read and interact in … Read More

Relief in Lebanon

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Relief in Lebanon - Global Emergency Relief Fund

On August 4th, an explosion shook through the city of Beirut, Lebanon. The impact took over 200 lives, injured over 5000 people, and left the bustling city to try to rebuild itself. For many Lebanese, they have experienced violent explosions in the past and this explosion may have left the … Read More

Clean Socks

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A pair of socks on someone's feet

Nine months ago, Rale, a homeless man and an addict, came to us at the Drug Rehab Center in Serbia. He has MS and has been suffering physically and emotionally. But God is at work! He recently said: This morning, as I was going down the stairs to have my … Read More