I Can’t Fix This

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I spoon-fed my mother the other day. It was a strange experience, and, to be honest, it was emotionally difficult for me. It served as a stark reminder that our roles have reversed. The one who cared for me is now being cared for by me. In November, my mom, … Read More

Not My Convincing, But His

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We have lived in North Africa for the past six years reaching out to the least-reached people who we refer to as our cousins. One of my good friends, Moe, loves to watch English movies with Arabic subtitles. One afternoon, as I walked into his shop, he asked me to … Read More

Joy in Persecution

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For years we had been praying for this day to arrive when Background Muslim Believers1 (BMBs) from this country and the surrounding region would be able to gather and worship Jesus in Arabic. As we entered the home hosting an Easter celebration, we were humbled by the privilege of being … Read More

Called to Worship

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In my first year at Ambrose, we sang “Here I am to Worship” in chapel. I inadvertently switched the order of the words in my head and realized it’s not just “here I am to worship”, right here, right now. It’s “I am here” at Ambrose, in Calgary, on this … Read More

Toilet Cleaning Sanctification

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SOAR Montreal brings together almost 200 youth and young adults from Quebec and across Canada for a 10-day discipleship and mission in the heart of Montreal. We live together at the Collège Notre-Dame in front of the beautiful l’Oratoire de St-Joseph, sleeping in classrooms, eating meals with one another, learning … Read More

Oil of Oregano at 39,000 Feet

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A few months ago, while returning to Canada from an international trip, my wife, Agnes, and I missed our connecting flight in South Korea, which meant that our trip home would end up being much longer than we had anticipated. Feeling somewhat frustrated, we settled in for the extended journey. … Read More

Get Involved!

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Tears were streaming down his face. “This never happens,” he laughed embarrassed. “I thought I was going to be the one inspiring change, not the other way around.” I smiled as I handed him a tissue. I didn’t say what I was thinking, this always happens. This is what I … Read More

On A Journey to Go

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Our journey towards global missions began in April 2017. At that time, my husband, Keith, and I both felt that God was asking us to go deeper in our relationships with Him. Through a series of confirming circumstances, we decided to attend a Holy Spirit Encounter weekend held at Westgate … Read More

The Deeper Life in the Alliance

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Stirring Mission Through the Deeper Life A.B. Simpson envisioned engaging an “alliance” of people from all denominational backgrounds united around the common desire to reap a harvest of souls and the fourfold gospel of Jesus Christ as Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. The unique vision of the Alliance has … Read More