The Wind Blows Where it Wishes

Dr. Sherif HannaStories2 Comments

A dandelion losing seed in the wind.

A young 14-year-old boy named Andrew* came to the clinic complaining of severe abdominal pain and distension. In desperation, his parents brought him to our little Christian hospital. They said they had taken him to many doctors and hospitals for the past two years but without any benefit. His mother … Read More

Advent – A Season of Waiting

Glendyne GerrardStories8 Comments

Five white candles in glass vases

As a Mom, a wife, a friend who loves to create all the feels of Christmas in our celebrations and consequently all the work that comes with that, I have had to discipline myself to take time for Advent, to embrace this season of waiting, of silence, of stillness. Advent … Read More

Moving from Shame to Honour

RuthStories1 Comment

A pair of silver scissors with a green background.

At our project’s new hair school, I found myself sitting in a salon chair staring into the eyes of a beautiful woman who was cutting my bangs as straight as humanly possible. These eyes were huge and full of determination. I was suddenly brought back to the first time I … Read More

Seeds of Friendship

Mike and CindyNews2 Comments

A city street in Cambodia - people are biking and a few cars are driving.

We are currently on Home Assignment in Canada, but when we live in Phnom Penh, the Capital City of Cambodia, we facilitate a student centre. This creates opportunities to connect with a variety of university students while teaching English and computers, and hanging out. During these times, we were able … Read More

This Same Jesus

D.S. MartinStories2 Comments

So often you look at something      without really seeing it   like when           we saw you   & your ten friends                  staring into the sky    Later that day you couldn’t say      without first closing your eyes           if the clouds had been   high                & wispy or thick & glacier white  & we   not thinking of … Read More

Learning to Be Good Neighbours

Bethany MortellitiStories2 Comments

Along with many other churches and Christian leaders across the country, Pastor Ken Huang and the people of Brantford Chinese New Venture were faced with the need to respond to practical needs this year over the course of COVID. The stories that emerged as Pastor Ken and this New Venture … Read More

Blind Obedience

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Brown shoes are standing in broken glass

Building the Church…Together The political climate of Peru steadily deteriorated over the years, especially in Lima. We experienced an average of ten bombs per month. Blackouts were common when terrorists blew up transmission towers. Inflation went up a million times. Most people became “millionaires,” but their money had no value. … Read More

Fra Angelico’s Agony in the Garden

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A medieval style painting of two people sitting beside each other. They both have halos, one is praying and one is holding a book

I have stood on the hillside Fra Angelico depicts where the gnarled roots of ancient olive trees still intertwine & grow from the roots of even older trees where twisted trunks & bent branches suggest an endured agony of their own where the weary disciples slept as Christ wept on … Read More

Midrash on the Lord’s Prayer

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The Alliance Connection magazine lays open on a table to the page where a poem is illustrated to look like the page of a Bible.

I  Our Father   simultaneously far & near      my insufficient fear   could never drive me           to dive   deep as Titanic      on the wide Atlantic’s floor             for there’s nowhere to hide or if I tried an astro-Jonah        scooting to some far star             that’s where you’d be especially … Read More

Ministering Angel

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An illustration of a pathway in a desert. Two small figures can be seen beside the path.

A dusty track curves into the wilderness Two walk eventually veering from that road across a land of dry stones one in physical form led by one unseen We hover just beyond his perception waiting & watching as he’s left to walk deeper into desert alone on his slow slow … Read More