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Relief in Niger

February 26, 2021 | 2 minute read

The Alliance Canada
Through funds given from Alliance Justice and Compassion, the team in Niger was able to provide support to families who experienced loss after major flooding. The team was able to purchase two packages of seeds for each of the 50 families that were affected by the flooding. They purchased a…
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The Importance of the Call

February 25, 2021 | 2 minute read

Deborah Reeve
We are on to the next big adventure: the Call to Paris, France! As appointed international workers, we are tasked with building an English speaking international church in partnership with a thriving French speaking international church. Our departure has been delayed due to COVID-19 so we have started learning French…
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An Honest Conversation about Race

February 22, 2021 | 6 minute read

The Alliance Canada
Meet the speakers Dan is a Team Leader for Global Ministries. Ryan Graham is a Vice President of the Alliance, leading Nurture and Development.   RYAN: We’re both men in our forties who were pastors and have studied in Alliance schools and seminaries. You’re a leader internationally and now I…
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AWF Global Response to COVID-19 – Phase 1

February 17, 2021 | 4 minute read

The Alliance Canada
Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance World Fellowship, along Alliance Justice and Compassion (C&MA Canada) and CAMA Services (C&MA United States),  began working together to mobilize a global response to COVID-19, following the example of Jesus, a compassionate Saviour who calls us to action. They gathered to pray and…
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Family Meals

February 16, 2021 | 3 minute read

Bear and Vanessa Yarbrough
As I sat, listening to the buzz of conversation happening around our table, my mind ran to all the meals Jesus ate with people. Jesus intentionally used food to be with people and we were following in His example with our Family Meal. Family Meals are a part of our…
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Statement regarding Ravi Zacharias report by Miller & Martin

February 12, 2021 | 2 minute read

The Alliance Canada
February 12, 2021 In September 2020, Christianity Today reported allegations of sexual misconduct against Ravi Zacharias. In response, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) initiated an independent investigation by the firm Miller & Martin, and we are grateful that this work was done. The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in Canada…
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The Good Shepherd of Mexico City

February 8, 2021 | 2 minute read

Daniel and Jenica Van Essen
I welcomed my friend at the front door of our apartment building. We walked to the elevator and I could tell that she seemed off. As we sat in the apartment, she unloaded the many things that were weighing on her heart and mind—she barely touched the coffee I had…
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Designated Caregiver

February 3, 2021 | 4 minute read

David Hearn
It is official. I have a new title. I am now a Designated Caregiver. I happened upon this role by accident. I was told that my mom’s long-term care facility was in lockdown, which meant no visitors at any time! As I was trying to find a way to see…
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Religious Nones

February 1, 2021 | 4 minute read

Joel Thiessen
“Religious nones”—those who say they have no religion—are the fastest growing “religious group” in Canada, along with many other modern Western nations. Religious nones currently comprise approximately one-quarter of the Canadian adult population and one-third of Canada’s young people. As you might imagine, regional variations exist. Nearly 40% of those…
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Wholistic Training: The Story of Samuel House

January 29, 2021 | 4 minute read

Murray and Michelle Derksen
It was April 2008, in Cairo, Egypt. I was walking around the St. John’s Anglican Church campus, where the Maadi Community Church congregation met. I noticed three young men—who I thought were three, young Egyptian men—come in through the gate of the property. We had had issues with young national…
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