Chinese Buns

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Steamed Buns

I live in the same condominium as Happy*, a Buddhist grandmother who is living with her daughter’s family (son-in-law and a 12-month granddaughter). Happy knows that I’m a Christian, and even though we have different beliefs we get along well. Every Saturday, we go to the open market to do … Read More

Final Frontiers

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A Frontier.

This year I turned sixty-one years old. I am very different than I was in my twenties and thirties. I have matured; I am a little more self-aware and I hope a little more kind and gracious. However, I recognize that God is still chipping away at some areas of … Read More

The Wounded Leader

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Ivan resonated with the message given by our Canadian Seamless Link church pastor. The pastor had come with one of his board members to provide leadership and soul care training for our Caribbean Island national leaders of an Alliance house church movement. Ivan is a local church pastor who also … Read More

Churches Get Creative During COVID-19

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Side profile of a man using Facetime on his phone

Churches thrive on fellowship. It’s one of the things that we do best. Every week we meet; in youth groups, small groups, coffee breaks, children’s programs, and more. So what happens when churches need to close their doors? How can we find ways to truly be the Church when in-person … Read More

Jesus is the Gospel

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A man is holding a pair of glasses towards the camera. The picture is blurry.

We have all heard the critique, “He cannot see the forest for the trees!” It is not that trees are bad; in fact, they can be beautiful. It is just that if someone’s view is too narrow, they may miss either what they ought to see or, at least, miss … Read More

Facebook Livestreaming Guide

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Someone holding a smartphone up recording people playing music.

As churches close their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many will be moving online. For some churches, this is something that they are familiar with, and for others this is an opportunity to learn something new. This guide is intended to help churches setup a livestream broadcast using … Read More

National Ministry Centre Temporarily Closed

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Due to the rapid increase in the incidents of COVID-19 across the country and especially here in Ontario, the staff members at the National Ministry Centre (NMC) of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada are working remotely until further notice. This action has been taken in response to current … Read More

Launching a Generation of Missional Innovators

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A group photo of the participants from Envision Summit 2019 are standing at the front of a church smiling at the camera.

Imagine 80 diverse young adults from across Canada, coming together in Montreal for a one-week leadership gathering, all wondering the same thing: “How can God use me for His Kingdom? How can I be on mission for Him?” The annual Envision Summit is a unique space that provides leadership development … Read More