Revival, Belts, and Watches

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On several occasions I have stated that I am a revivalist at heart. I am convinced that our lives, our churches, and our movement needs to experience daily spiritual renewal. The dead places of our souls need to come alive with the power and presence of God. With the nations … Read More

Now Available: The God Made Known

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The God Made Known: Through Ordinary People Leading Extraordinary Lives is the second of three books of the Canadian Alliance global engagement story. This is the story of Canadians, members of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada’s family of churches, who left their home and native land to head … Read More

Icebergs and Intimacy

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Someone once said, “You can either live your life contemplative on the inside or compulsive on the outside.” Unfortunately, I lean more towards the compulsive outside than the contemplative inside. I am an activist and I am drawn to places where the action is. The downside of an activist is … Read More

Grandma Warriors

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It was a short text but the moment we read it, we knew our lives would be forever different. It read, “Sorry to do this in a text, mom passed away this morning!” Sometime in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 21, 2018, my mother-in-law, Agnes’ mom, passed into … Read More

A Kleenex Box and the Cross

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The rain was pouring down as I drove toward town with my eldest daughter, Jessica. Her nose was running relentlessly and there was not a tissue anywhere to be found in my car. She was deeply frustrated and asked, “Does God care enough to provide a Kleenex® box?” I was … Read More

Attentive to the Dove

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During my seminary years at Regent College, I got a job as a Chicken Farmers Assistant. Limited training was needed and the wages looked great to a struggling student. One of my tasks included going through the chicken barns every morning to remove any deceased birds. In my first week … Read More

You Are More Dangerous Than You Think!

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Not too long ago, I had the opportunity of hearing from one of the five leaders who provide oversight to over 52 million believers in the underground church in China. Her name is Lucy; she is petite, passionate, and powerful. When she speaks, there is a profound authority that captivates … Read More