Jesus is on a Rescue Mission

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Mark Batterson writes, “Faithfulness is not holding down the fort until Jesus returns, faithfulness is taking back enemy territory by shining the light in dark places.” As I am writing these words, CNN is playing in the background, describing the horror of yet another terrorist attack in New York City. … Read More

The Door of No Return

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One of the most gripping experiences while on my latest trip overseas was visiting Goree Island off the coast of Dakar, Senegal. The island was one of the key slaving ports in West Africa. For over 200 years, it was the place where many slaves from central Africa were imprisoned … Read More

There is No Horror, Nor Impossibility, Too Big for Jesus

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I’m posting this blog on October 11, the International Day of the Girl. A day established by the United Nations to draw heightened global attention to the discrimination and abuse that young girls uniquely face, and also to celebrate the resilience, achievements, and potential of girls. Horror and Hope in … Read More

Please Lord, Help Me Get One More!

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A few weeks ago, my neighbor came over to share some very exciting news. In his younger years he was a heavy drinker and angry scrapper but he had an encounter with God that turned his life around. He woke up one Sunday morning after a full night of partying … Read More

The Ultimate Humanitarian: Jesus

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At this exciting time in our history, there are people groups in places across the world that are becoming increasingly accessible to the gospel. That increased accessibility, however, almost always comes with, or on the heels of, a humanitarian crisis. People facing the worst times of their lives. On World … Read More

A Legacy for Future Generations

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Legacy for Future Generations

On August 12 the United Nations will mark International Youth Day. The day was declared and endorsed by the UN in 1999 and increasingly calls attention to youth as agents of change in global issues like conflict prevention, peace, and social justice. Certainly there is a role for young people … Read More

#Alliance (almost) 150

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Canadian Flag

Earlier this month, Canada marked an incredible milestone. “Happy Canada Day!,” and “#Canada150!”and many other celebratory proclamations for our nation’s big birthday could be heard or seen in almost every medium. This milestone was indeed cause for celebration for many across the country, and for others, like Indigenous peoples and … Read More

The Power of a Face

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The Power of Face

Every day when I turn on the news I am bombarded with images of human tragedy, somewhere in the world. The words “humanitarian crisis” continue to be repeated as we see a steady stream of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and mass destruction. The danger is that we can actually become … Read More

O Canada

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As we celebrate the diversity of Canada during its 150th year, we also celebrate the diversity of worship within our C&MA churches in its 130th year. Founded by a Canadian, Albert B. Simpson, The Christian and Missionary Alliance is not only growing in Canada, but in more than 80 countries and territories around the … Read More