Ministering Angel

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An illustration of a pathway in a desert. Two small figures can be seen beside the path.

A dusty track curves into the wilderness Two walk eventually veering from that road across a land of dry stones one in physical form led by one unseen We hover just beyond his perception waiting & watching as he’s left to walk deeper into desert alone on his slow slow … Read More

A Shout-Out to Jesus

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A close up photo of a porcelain nativity scene where Mary and baby Jesus are in focus.

In the beginning stages of our house renovations, our neighbours were very curious about who we are and what our plans are for this home. A young man, a few doors down, took a significant interest in us and our renovation project. On one occasion he and his friend shared … Read More


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A watch tower silhouette in a night sky

From my high tower first I saw it rise the harbinger portending divine birth a bright horizon star in the night skies announcing heaven coming down to earth Our caravan soon followed trade routes west in search of a grand palace for this king but over a poor town it … Read More

Work As Mission

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Work As Mission on a blue background with illustrated icons.

Does your current work have anything to do with being on mission? Does what you do from nine to five have any relationship to the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth? These questions get at an underlying narrative that still plays in the back of our minds when … Read More

Facing Risk

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Sun setting in a misty day with a red backdrop.

By Lois Grant* What does living in places like North Africa mean for our international workers and their supporting churches? Life in a place filled with terrorism, civil unrest, coups, strikes, riots, and break-ins takes its toll on you. The threats, both economic and political, on local believers is draining. … Read More

I Want it All

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A bible and a to-do list sit on a table with some tea

I had been in the Middle East for just five months when a global pandemic interrupted all of my barely established rhythms and routines. Language lessons cancelled, activities restricted, gatherings of any kind prohibited, and now fully cut off from the people I came to share Jesus with. I had … Read More

Business for Transformation

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Three people in an office building overlooking a city skyline

By Elizabeth* One night, our staff was working late implementing new software to manage business operations. After dinner, Peter and I were on our way to a prayer meeting when traffic became so bad that we decided to give up and head back home. Then the Holy Spirit spoke up: … Read More

Jesus: A Lover of All

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Paula stands in front of a group of people - a quilted pattern is at the bottom

I began my eight-month internship at North Shore Alliance Church (NSAC) in September 2019 as a part of my theology degree at Ambrose University. Moving from Calgary to beautiful North Vancouver was just as easy as finding a place of belonging at NSAC. At NSAC, I was involved in youth, … Read More

Heart Renovation

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A room that is falling apart with old white décor.

“I hate this house!” It slipped out with a velocity and intensity that caught me offguard. I had just shifted the broken soffit so I could repair it and next thing I knew I was wearing an entire bird’s nest as feathers, dirt, and dried grass fell into my hair, … Read More

Joining God’s Mission in Winnipeg

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Aerial shot of Transcona Property

In September 2019 in Owen Sound, Ontario Kendall sat at home unsure of where to go next. His work contract with a global church planting organization hadn’t renewed, leaving him jobless. His wife’s parents faced growing health concerns and were across the country in Manitoba. He had an unmistakable longing … Read More