Unburden Your Soul

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Every now and then, God brings something into my life that I consider a game changer, something so meaningful that it rocks my world, for the better, and sends me down a path I would never have considered before. For me, soul care has been a game changer.

I first heard of soul care when Dr. Rob Reimer came to my church in February 2018 to lead a one-day event then speak at our district pastors’ retreat. I quickly realized my soul was not as healthy as I had hoped after forty years of knowing Christ—thirty of those years in ministry. I then attended two more soul care events, one in Airdrie, Alberta after General Assembly, and one at my own church this past November. These experiences have pushed me well beyond my comfort zone, into intimacy with Christ, and freedom in the Spirit that I had never had before or thought possible.

Dr. Reimer’s book, Soul Care, provides the roadmap for this journey, although I found it was not easy to implement the ideas by myself. That is why his recommendation of being in a triad is critical advice that cannot be dismissed. I have been in two triads and am grateful for the accountability and support without judgment. Graciously walking with others, it is much easier to peel back layers of one’s life, exposing secrets and sin patterns—long buried—and even covered with a nice Christian veneer. These secrets have the power to keep us from experiencing the abundant life Christ promised.

I also received deliverance from the demonization of childhood abuse that had wreaked havoc in my life. I had no idea deliverance was necessary for me and thought only “charismatics” would engage in this. But now I truly believe that many Christians, longing for victory in their lives, which seems elusive, need deliverance to break chains of bondage and take back ground the enemy has stolen.

Both my family and church have benefitted from soul care. My husband, daughter, and others have had experiences and revelations which have dramatically changed their lives. Several Sundays we have had the altar full of people crying out to God and one Sunday a call for baptism saw twelve people get up and walk into the water! This is becoming our new normal now that we are repenting of sin and seeking the fullness of the Spirit together.

The truth is, Jesus is not surprised by what we find in our souls, the bondage we are in, nor the sins we have harboured. He is not nervous about it but He certainly does not want us to live this way for the rest of our lives. My life is a testimony that so much more is available to us if we will do the hard work of caring for our souls. If we know Jesus wins in the end, why not let Him bring victory and freedom today?

Photo of Rob Reimer speaking at Living Hope Alliance Church, courtesy of Shauna Archer.

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