The Spiritual Discipline of Physical Health

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Are you so focused on helping others that you ignore your own health? Our deep desire to serve God makes this common, almost expected. When we ignore our physical health, it diminishes the value of stewarding what God has created and entrusted to us. Eventually, poor health negatively impacts how you feel and therefore your ability to pour your life into others, especially as you get older. The Health Project is an initiative to help navigate the journey of physical health.

Being physically healthy is deeply intertwined with our spiritual health and cannot be separated or marginalized as less important. If you struggle with low energy, ongoing illnesses, or general lack of wellness, it will affect your ability to serve well. We often overemphasize the importance of spiritual discipline and minimize how important daily care of our bodies can be. It is time to take control of our physical health.

In Ephesians, the Apostle Paul inserts an almost undetectable comment at the end of a profound passage, “after all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church” Ephesians 5:28, 29.

Are you feeding and caring for your body just as Christ loved the church?

I have been keenly interested in researching, coaching and equipping others on health-related topics for over 20 years and was recently certified in Nutrition Studies. What have I discovered? The effectiveness of our leadership and the depth of our spirituality ARE directly linked to our physical health. Stewarding our physical health is a spiritual response to our Creator!

The Health Project is dedicated to helping people experience and grow in awareness and health by eating reasonably well and being active. Why? So that they can steward the gift of their body, grow in the spiritual discipline of health and feel great into old age.

Taking control of your health is simple and it starts with a single step!

The Health Project in partnership with the Western Canadian District is fully covered by Great West Life for workers and families under the psychology/counseling category. The Health Project offers:

One on one coaching

Workshops tailored to your staff or church family

Helpful and informative articles and podcasts

A sermon on the spiritual discipline of health

Ongoing events to keep you active and trying new things

Amazing recipes to keep food fun and delicious

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