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December 1, 2022 | 2 minute read
The Alliance Canada

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Support new leaders and new churches in Canada.

Two of the most important things we can focus on in the coming years is new leaders and new churches. The Global Advance Fund supports the development of both in significant ways.

When you support the Global Advance Fund, you’re supporting a pooled fund that enables ministries in Canada to raise up the next generation of leaders and churches. One of those initiatives is the Arabic church network—an emerging network of eight churches across Canada. Their dream is to plant new congregations in cities across the country and reach new Canadians with the Gospel. The Global Advance Fund makes their dreams come true. When you give, you’re joining what God is doing in Canada.

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Two of the most important things we can focus on in the coming years is new leaders and new churches. The Global Advance Fund supports in a significant way both those things. Over this last year… it was an amazing moment that I’m in a room with some of our other leaders and there are leaders from what is now our Arabic network in the room, and they’re proposing ideas and every single one of these ideas is about taking the gospel to people who are coming to the various cities across Canada. And we’re in a room where we’re given the green light to the emergence of a network of churches across Canada. We now have the Arabic network that has eight congregations meeting across Canada, but we’re in the room. And Richard and Milad, their casting vision.

They’re talking about their dreams and they’re listing the names of cities that God has put on their heart where they long to see new congregations launched. And I just know that as we continue to give and support the Global Advance Fund, that allows us to help those dreams come true. And one day we’re going to be sitting in a room and they’re going to talk about the 30 churches that they have meeting across Canada and their dreams for 15 or 20 more.

When we support the Global Advanced Fund, when we give to it, it allows those dreams to come to pass. We tangibly help these congregations get launched, and it’s an incredible story to be able to tell.





The Alliance Canada

The Allianc Canada is people in churches share the love, truth, and hope of the Gospel with people worldwide who may never have heard the name “Jesus” before.

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The Global Advance Fund (GAF) is a pooled fund that supports our workers in Canada and around the world to share the Gospel with people who haven't yet heard the name of Jesus. Your continued generosity equips and sustains our workers and their ministry.



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