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Tenth Church, Tenth Church UBC Pt Grey

While September is not officially the start of a new year, it certainly is the start of a new season for students across our nation. We know that as our high school students graduate and make their way to colleges and universities there is usually a significant shift in their faith journey. The research shows that if a high school graduate entering university is not referred to a church, then the chances of them staying connected to church are only 16%. But if someone from their home church refers them to a church, then the possibility of their connecting to a church jumps to 66% (and to 80% if that person from their home church offers some kind of ongoing distance mentoring).1

Our heart is to create space for students to engage in their faith within a healthy community while away from home. To know they can journey through their faith questions with others and know they are not alone in the process.

As the fall of 2019 approaches, many students are venturing into new communities, and we wanted to share with you something we are doing in Vancouver. Tenth Church is launching a new site on the University of British Columbia (UBC) Point Grey Campus, called Tenth UBC Pt Grey. We are a church in the community—a gathering of families, students, faculty, and those who call UBC Pt Grey home. We desire to see students connect within a family context, and to know they have a place to feel welcome, safe, and cared for. It is not easy stepping out on your own for the first time or choosing to return, year after year, to push through that degree. In light of this, we would be grateful if you would encourage your students who are coming to the campus to connect with us.

We would love to hear from you and will be on the lookout for the students you send our way.

Starting September 8, we will be meeting Sundays at 10:15 a.m. in the CIRS building (2260 West Mall). Our location is in the centre of the first-year residences at UBC, and within easy walking distance for everyone on campus.

If you would like to find out more about Tenth Church UBC Pt Grey, you can connect with us at any of the ways listed below. We look forward to the journey ahead!

1 Hiemstra, Rick, Lorianne Dueck and Matthew Blackaby. Renegotiating Faith: the Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada. Toronto, ON: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Power to Change – Students, Truth Matters Ministries and Youth for Christ, 2018.

Email: michele@tenth.ca  anthony@tenth.ca
Phone: 604.839.6987
Website: tenth.ca/ubcptgrey
Instagram & Facebook: @tenthubcptgrey

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