Family Meals

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An overhead shot of a bunch of toppings for tacos

As I sat, listening to the buzz of conversation happening around our table, my mind ran to all the meals Jesus ate with people. Jesus intentionally used food to be with people and we were following in His example with our Family Meal. Family Meals are a part of our … Read More

The Good Shepherd of Mexico City

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A woman is sitting on a bench. She is leaning forward with her elbows resting on her knees.

I welcomed my friend at the front door of our apartment building. We walked to the elevator and I could tell that she seemed off. As we sat in the apartment, she unloaded the many things that were weighing on her heart and mind—she barely touched the coffee I had … Read More

Wholistic Training: The Story of Samuel House

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A white car is on a crowded street. There are big colourful buildings and lots of people on the sidewalks.

It was April 2008, in Cairo, Egypt. I was walking around the St. John’s Anglican Church campus, where the Maadi Community Church congregation met. I noticed three young men—who I thought were three, young Egyptian men—come in through the gate of the property. We had had issues with young national … Read More

Sex, Poverty, Garbage, and You

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A dump landfill

Sex – Karina’s Story Karina came to us, by order of a judge, when she was 15 years old. She was impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend. The family had moved into the boyfriend’s home when Karina was 12. He gave Karina extra attention and gifts right from the beginning. It … Read More