Karen Lau

Karen LauMy God StoryIn 1975, I received Christ as my Saviour, and in 1992 I truly committed my life to Christ. It has been 14 years since God first called me to serve in Panama. What began as a short-term mission trip in 2007, eventually turned into several visits over … Read More

B and R

B and ROur God StoryR grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ at Awana’s at the age of 8. It was in her late teens and young adult years that she truly committed her life to Christ and sought to follow His leading. Through several short-term trips, R’s … Read More


Keryn Keryn from C&MA in Canada on Vimeo.My God StoryIn my late high school years, various questions about life led me to search for answers on the internet. By God’s grace, I read about the unconditional love of God through the sacrifice of Jesus on different websites, and I received … Read More

Jose and Joscelyn

Jose and Joscelyn Our God StoryJoscelyn grew up in a Christian home and sensed a call to missions at a young age. As an Ambrose University alumnus, she studied Intercultural Studies and completed an ONSITE internship in Kenya. She also attained a TESOL diploma and led several short-term teams. Since … Read More

Paul and Janelle

Paul and JanelleOur God StoryPaul and Janelle both grew up in faith-filled families where they made commitments to Jesus at a young age. As teens, they both participated in short-term teams, where their love for other people groups grew. Janelle heard a strong call overseas from Dad during those years … Read More

Don and Betty

Don and BettyOur God StoryWe both accepted Christ as children,  and met later in life after God had called each of us to serve him overseas. Don rededicated his life to Jesus and prayed for a God to give him a wife to stand beside him. The next day Betty … Read More

Travis and Erin

Travis and Erin Our God StorySharing God’s love through business. Travis and Erin both grew up in Alberta and met while working for a non-profit in Calgary. After some time living in Africa and expecting their first child, Travis and Erin moved to Revelstoke, BC. Travis grew up in rural … Read More

Lorne and Kathy-Lu White

Lorne and Kathy-Lu WhiteOur God StoryLorne and Kathy-Lu were both born in Vancouver, British Columbia. They met at Tenth Avenue Alliance Church while Lorne was attending university. Lorne invited Christ to be his Saviour at a young age. He sensed God preparing him for cross-cultural work in his early teens. … Read More

Glen and Kathy

Glen and KathyOur God StoryTo be Christ’s hands and feet to the marginalized and victims of the world we live and work in. Glen and Kathy met in the 1980s while Kathy worked for Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA) and Glen volunteered with refugee work in Southeast Asia. They have … Read More

Chris and Angela Hiebert

Chris and Angela HiebertOur God StoryChris and Angela both grew up in Christian homes. Chris remembers responding to a Holy Spirit nudge and making a firm decision to join God’s family when he was 11 years old. Angela gave her life to Jesus at a young age and with each … Read More