Celebrating Ramadan

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An overview of a middle eastern city

At the beginning of Ramadan, the 30 days of fasting for our Muslim friends, we woke up to a flurry of text messages from our friends in North Africa. Although they knew us as Jesus followers, they wished us a ‘Ramadan Kareem’ (a generous Ramadan) because we were good friends … Read More

Sango Malamu (Good News)

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By James Sawatsky The Sango Malamu Trio (later known as the Kinshasa Band I and II) travelled together ministering in worship evangelism all over the area of Kinshasa, the Bas-Zaire, in several other provinces of the nation, and in other nations of West Africa. We made three trips across Canada … Read More

The Wind Blows Where it Wishes

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A dandelion losing seed in the wind.

A young 14-year-old boy named Andrew* came to the clinic complaining of severe abdominal pain and distension. In desperation, his parents brought him to our little Christian hospital. They said they had taken him to many doctors and hospitals for the past two years but without any benefit. His mother … Read More