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What Kind of Love is That?

October 27th, 2016 | in Least Reached People |    1   

If you were in a relationship with someone and you knew that they were just about to treat you badly, how would you treat them? If you knew they were about to betray you and desert you in your hour of greatest need, what would you do?

In John 13, Jesus treated His disciples with love knowing all their mess and yet moved towards them and honoured them despite it.

What kind of love does that? What kind of love honours and moves towards someone when it’s known they are selfish and mean?

We need supernatural help to honour everyone and love like Jesus does (1 Peter 2:17), instead of only those who agree with us or who treat us honourably.


Years ago, a neighbour of mine, “Frances,” stole $100 from me. I had a choice: move toward her or away. I decided to take my Bible and go see her (that was a God-work!) It’s a wonderful and amazing story of forgiveness and tears, which led to a spectacular vision of Jesus who literally beamed into her life from that day on. After a few short months of discipleship, Frances moved away to another city.


Fast forward to last autumn, when we reconnected properly after several years of silence. In the interim, Frances remarried and had a second child, a baby boy whom she named “Hope.”

But sadly, the marriage began to go terribly wrong. They asked us to borrow a large sum of money to help them with their financial struggles. We prayed, and God clearly indicated that we were to give them some of the money requested, as a gift.

However, just a month after the money was wired, Frances’ husband walked out, leaving her and their one-year-old son with nothing; no money, no food, no help. He moved in with his former girlfriend and suggested they put their son into a state orphanage. When she refused, he showed up again to beat her.

“I think God’s forgotten about me,” was the text I received during these dark days. “I can’t even pray anymore. I don’t want to! I give up on God.” I spent many days praying on the phone with Frances and often God would bring her to mind during my own prayer times.

A Song of Hope

One morning, I woke up at 5:30am with a song in my heart. But this particular morning, I couldn’t recall the words, only the melody. I went into my prayer room and searched for the song on my device.


It was indeed a message from God! I sang it back to Him and it ministered to my heart and took me to an awesome place of worship. As I was in that place, I had this impression: “Sing this song over Frances.”

As awkward as it may sound, I pictured Frances asleep on her bed and me in her room singing the words to her.
When I was done, I thought, “Oh, I will pray for her now that the Lord has brought her to mind.” And I heard the Lord say, “You just did, you just did…but you could text her and that would encourage her.”

The song was an English song, but Frances doesn’t speak English, so I sent her the nearest Psalm that matched the lyrics and a simple note, “Praying for you this morning.”

About 90 minutes later, I received a text back: “I don’t believe it. You were praying for me—and I was dreaming about you! You came into my room and swooped up my son in your arms, you hugged him tightly. Then you came over to me and hugged me and held me…and you sang a beautiful song to me. It comforted me so much.”

What kind of love! Our God loves more and does more beautiful things than we could ever imagine or think! Frances had given up on Him, but He moved towards her in honour and love.

“Having loved His own, He loved them to the end” (John 13:1).

Pray for Frances. Ask God to guide her steps and bring her to a place where she lives in, and out of, the love of God.


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Kent and Clara

Kent and Clara are international workers serving in a creative access context within the Silk Road region.

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September 30th, 2017

That love is God himself for his people, sent Jesus to be crucified on the cross and opened the way of salvation for us, that is love shined here.