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Victory Over Fear

April 19th, 2017 | in Holistic Development |    0   

Victory Over Fear

How one person escaped her family’s religion

By: Lauren Spenser

Note: This article first appeared on page 18 in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Alliance Connection magazine.

Jesus powerfully met Kathy in her dreams, but His law was on her heart long before she knew His name (Romans 2:14-15). Growing up in a devout Buddhist family, she was religious but extremely fearful. She did not know God, but she was keenly aware of good and evil.

Kathy’s parents sent her to be raised by a wealthy aunt. At only twelve years of age, she was given the responsibility of appeasing the spirits through daily offerings and the burning of incense.Gripped by Fear

Each day, Kathy would light incense before the idols. The spiritual attachments connected to these idols hold many people under spiritual bondage. Kathy’s life was gripped with a stifling fear.

While Kathy saw the religious practices of her relatives, she also saw that they were given to drunkenness, corruption, and adulterous behaviours. Kathy knew in her heart that this was not right.

One dark evening, she walked frightfully to perform her religious duties when she heard a voice, “Why are you up here?”

She was terrified, sensing that it was a spirit of death. Kathy gazed down from the fifth-level balcony, wondering if she should jump.

Terror-stricken and desirous of life, she ran. She was seventeen years old when she escaped the tyranny of the enemy and ran towards God.

Kathy considers her older sister, Dot, to be like Abraham, because she was the first of her family to believe and follow Christ. Dot welcomed Kathy into her home, carefully placing a Bible beside Kathy’s bed.

Each night, Kathy would hide the Bible under her bed, and each day Dot would return it to the bedside table. Although she had once hated her sister and cursed Jesus, Kathy saw the contrast between their lives.

Finally, Kathy cried out, “Jesus, if You are the Saviour, show me that You live!”

That night, she saw Him standing at the door. She knew it was Jesus, and she was not afraid.

Later that morning, she heard believers worshipping God by singing the hymn, “He Lives.” The Living Saviour had answered Kathy!

Kathy has since seen many family members come to faith in Christ, and she continues to lead and disciple countless others.

The Lord has given her incredible victory from fear and gifted her with discernment and intercession as she shares the love and freedom that Christ gives.


•    Fearless
•    Set Free
•    Lifting Fear Aside

Lauren Spenser

Lauren Spenser (pen name), along with her husband Mark, serve in the Asian Spice Region

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