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The Gift of Education

November 22nd, 2016 | in Education |    0   

Can you imagine waking up one morning to find you had to make it through your day without basic math? The lack of formal education is a reality for many of our local friends. Village work and family obligations will not allow children to achieve an education beyond an early elementary level.

I (Wendy) spend a few hours each week teaching our house helper, Sue*, basic math concepts. This has included everything from basic addition and subtraction to number patterns and rounding numbers. The look of joy and satisfaction is evident on her face as she grasps one of these concepts and is able to apply it to her daily life.

Just this autumn, Sue was selling her handpicked mushrooms to a local buyer. She was wary of the price she was being quoted per kilo. Without skipping a heartbeat, she pulled out the calculator on her phone and began to add up what she was owed. She found the buyer’s mistake and was able to receive fair pay for her work.

This is just another example of living on mission in God’s great world.

*Name changed to protect identity.


Without your generous giving, Neil and Wendy would not be able to serve the people of their host country. Please give to the Global Advance Fund to help God’s Kingdom thrive in the Asian Spice region.

VanEssen-Family-2014-2.jpgNeil and Wendy

Neil and Wendy are international workers serving in a creative access context within the Asian Spice region.

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