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Taste and See

April 19th, 2017 | in Health and Healing |    0   

Taste and See

Daily experiences of His goodness

By: Chris Kehler

Note: This article first appeared on page 30 in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Alliance Connection magazine.

My dad owned a restaurant for 40 years. An important lesson he taught me was to taste the food before it was served. Tasting is a vital part of being a great chef. You can follow the recipe, but the truth is revealed in the tasting.

Over the last year, a verse has been repeatedly highlighted for me, “Taste and see that the Lord is good...” (Psalm 34:8). At first glance, its simplicity is beautiful, but there’s more than meets the eye.

To “taste” speaks of an experience. To “see” relates to our perceptions. Experience shapes
our perceptions....healings started to take place in our church

A few years ago, healings started to take place in our church. We saw stage-four bowel cancer vanish without treatment. Tumors on MRIs and ultrasounds disappeared after prayer. Even broken bones have been instantly restored!

Some people thought it was from God, and some weren’t sure what was happening. Many of us asked, “Why now?”

It became important to highlight that something was happening in our church. Some people had experienced a new, personal taste of the goodness of God, such as a healed memory or relationship, and freedom from their anger or selfishness. This created hope for anything! People began to understand that, just as God cares about their marriages and jobs, He also cares about their illnesses. That shift moved our church to pursue the goodness of God and see it manifested in all things.

Although historically downplayed, experiences are vital. All those who sought Jesus were left with an authentic encounter that helped re-shape their perceptions of God, themselves, and this world.

The largest miracle ever done was doubted by Thomas, who hadn’t seen the resurrected Christ. This didn’t faze Jesus. He invited Thomas into an experience to touch His wounds and believe (John 20).

We have a God who gave His disciples daily experiences of His goodness. What’s stopping Him from giving one to you? 


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Chris Kehler

Chris Kehler

Chris Kehler is the executive pastor of Prairie Alliance Church, in Portage la Prairie, MB.


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