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Healing in the Asian Spice
Two years ago, before leaving for a one-year home assignment to Canada, A and J prayed for healing in Jesus’s name with and for Nancy...
Experiencing the Love of Christ in Nunavut
Even though Nunavut is part of Canada, the Inuit have a different way than we were used to, having grown up in Southern Saskatchewan. One big difference we have found is the emphasis on time...
Ebola Recovery
Even as we look forward to the end of the epidemic, it will not be over for many. There are open doors and open opportunities to share Christ in all His fullness during this time of crisis.
Praying on Air
A Guinean church received a great return when two people invested in praying over the radio.
Highlights in the Lowlands
One short-term team’s unity in prayer and ministry brought powerful consequences to the Indonesian Lowlands.
President Dave Hearn's daughter Emily shares her story of God's healing and restoration.
“I am proof that JESUS heals!"
A finance manager is telling her friends that she is proof that Jesus heals.
The Village Tailor
God spared the life of the village tailor so that he could hear the Gospel.
The Heart of Nurses
The nurses of Hamilton Grace Mandarin Alliance Church were used powerfully by God to minister to others only two weeks after they formed their nurse care ministry.
Every Wind and Wave
An international worker discovers the joy of obeying the Spirit’s prompting.
God Healed My Hand
God miraculously and rapidly healed a severe hand injury after a family prayed for healing.
Seeing Jesus
Seeing Jesus at Eagle Bay Camp in British Columbia.
Beauty through Brokenness
God uses a small, struggling church to start a transitional home.
To God Be the Glory
My ex-husband, Rick, was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer on Friday, May 22, 2015. He was given six-to-twelve months to live.
Precious in His Sight
Even though we may not understand God’s ways, we can have faith that he is in control.
Possibilities with Christ
These CAC workers dream of having all their employees call on the name of Jesus. With Christ, all dreams are possible!
Sacrifice of Praise
Through the death of their infant daughter, a couple was able to give their complete faith and the sacrifice of praise to God, who knows what is best.
She left her crutch behind
Over the past several months, I have witnessed an increased responsiveness to the work of the Holy Spirit in our churches.
Looking Forward in Prayer
Catch the wave of excitement for Prayer in Motion!
Beware of Prayer: It Affects You
Prayer changes lives, especially a week of 24/7 prayer.
Retiring at 85
John started a “retirement job” at age 65, serving as a chaplain. He retired from this “retirement job” on his 85th birthday.
Sustainable Care
In many countries, inequality exists between the urban privileged and the rural poor. In one Asian Spice country, our team works with rural subsistence farmers who have small plots of land to grow their own food, but it is impossible for them to earn...
Tiptoeing onto the Dance Floor
Instead of dreading her weekly chemo appointments, Joy decided that with God’s help, she would let Him take the lead from the waiting room to the chemo ward.
REFUEL: Having a Healed Heart
God is concerned about the wounds of the heart and wants to heal them.
Gods Power
Eagle Bay Camp, launched by the C&MA in the 1980s, sits on a 23-acre property on the shores of Shuswap Lake in Southern B.C. Its tagline is “A Place Where Lives are Changed”.
Undeserved yet Ureserved
At Eagle Bay Camp, I’ve had some of my wildest adventures and loudest laughs. I have treasured summer memories of belly laughs during games and skits, and of worship under the vast, glittery Shuswap skies.
Praise and Glory: A Testimony of Healing
We picked up the prescription and headed to the church. Arriving late, I saw my granddaughter in the hall, waiting for quizzing to begin. I asked her to pray for me.
Miracles Pouring Down
A prayer for sunshine caused a 150-year-old rainfall record to be broken.
No More Pain
By faith, Lorraine accepted a prayer of healing and was released from debilitating pain!
Lifting Fear Aside
An international worker from the Desert Sand region shares how God delivered him from intense fear after witnessing his son’s leg getting run over by a bus.
The Spiritual Challenge of “Showing Up”
Sometimes, God asks us to be present and available.
A Risk Worth Taking
My walk with Jesus is made up of moments of closeness and moments of dryness (as with every other Christian), but I had never had a real experience of His love for me. For a long time, I was skeptical of the supernatural because...
An Accessible Resource
Nunavut is a land that is vast, with many challenges, but God is present. The community of Arviat hasendured many changes in a short period of time. Between the late 1940s and the 1960s, the people of Nunavut moved from a nomadic lifestyle into...
Apart from a Miracle
Doing two things at the same time can be tricky—patting your head and rubbing your tummy, for instance. The particular trickiness I am working on these days is "charging into battle" and "standing still" at the same time. My new
Conquering Chemo
God’s healing in my life has gone deeper than my physical body. He used uncertainty to call me closer, and to help me discover “treasures hidden in the darkness” (Isaiah 45:3, NLT).
Desperate for a miracle
Jean-Louis was a newcomer who was desperate for us to pray for his sick brother, Charles. A “dentist” had pulled out one of his teeth, but it quickly became infected. His face and eye swelled beyond recognition.
Jesus as Healer
What should we make of divine healing today? In many contexts, it is not a doctrine that is talked about much and is practiced even less. We see “faith healers” on TV, and it strikes us as showy and self-aggrandizing.
My Soul Tingled
For over 20 years I suffered from many physical illnesses and disabilities, including a nervous breakdown while preparing for college. I was not permitted by my doctor to even look at a book. During this time I nearly died, and on the verge...
Taste and See
My dad owned a restaurant for 40 years. An important lesson he taught me was to taste the food before it was served. Tasting is a vital part of being a great chef. You can follow the recipe, but the truth is revealed in the tasting.
Why This?
Early in my ministry, I asked God to heal a physical weakness in our family. Although a medical solution was available, my wife and I sought divine help. God gave a measure of relief but did not remove the condition.
Healed: He Hears our Prayers
Listen to the Holy Spirit’s instruction. He often gives special direction to pray as we seek Him. Take a few moments of silent listening or quiet praise to wait upon the Lord. Specific ways to pray can include...
Healed: He Makes the Lame to Walk
We come to each annual youth rally hoping to see God at work, but this year He had a surprise in store for us. Joel had been having serious problems with his ankles, a rare case that resisted every effort the doctors tried...
Healed: He Mends the Broken Heart
Recently, after sharing part of our story and the story of Hagar in one of the local churches, we were told that a woman had received complete healing of her enlarged heart while we were speaking. Her condition had deteriorated...