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Fear immobilizes, fear cripples, and fear robs potential. When I was in my early teens, I lived in a small mobile home park. One of the pranks we often played was to knock on the doors of various trailers and then run away...
Holding Loosely; Held Tightly
I found myself completely out of control. My car left the highway and began to go down a steep embankment.The car thudded to an abrupt halt in a culvert at the bottom of a ravine, and to my relief, the airbag did not deploy.
Fearlessly Taking a Stand
How the faith of a mayor impacted the national church in Thailand...
Make Us Dangerous
Why do we pray for safety when God calls us to be dangerous?
Scoring Chances
To score for Jesus, you need to take a shot at the goal more often.
No back-up plan
Faced with uncertainty, this family remains certain that God is faithful.
Chilliwack House Church Initiative
The journey of establishing a house church ministry is one of victories and struggles.
Undeserved yet Ureserved
At Eagle Bay Camp, I’ve had some of my wildest adventures and loudest laughs. I have treasured summer memories of belly laughs during games and skits, and of worship under the vast, glittery Shuswap skies.
Quelling the Darkness
October 31 may be fun and games in North America, but the spirit of Halloween is a reality for some of our international workers (IWs).
Day of the Dead
International workers Dan and Jenica Van Essen describe the spiritual longing behind a culture that reveres death and deceased loved ones.
Lifting Fear Aside
An international worker from the Desert Sand region shares how God delivered him from intense fear after witnessing his son’s leg getting run over by a bus.
Jesus Behind Bars
Lent Day 1: He says to those who are incarcerated: You matter to me. Your life counts. You were created for a purpose.
Day 14: I have an incredible sense of God’s love for me that has made me want to share that with others.
The Fort McMurray Fire
One year ago, a wildfire raged through Fort McMurray, AB, forcing the evacuation of almost 100,000 residents. 2,400 homes were destroyed.
Victory Over Fear
Jesus powerfully met Kathy in her dreams. Growing up in a devout Buddhist family, she was religious but extremely fearful. She did not know God, but she was keenly aware of good and evil.