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Forming a Forever Family
“Who’d like to make their maximum impact for God?” the preacher asked. “Who’d like to experience real purpose in life?” We didn’t know each other at the time, but we remember sitting there as youth listening to
Doors Wide Open
NEXT Christian Community Church opens its doors for all to find Jesus – even through art.
One Family at a Time
Two sisters were transformed by ministry to their children. Even Jesus can change adult lives through children’s ministry!
President Dave Hearn's daughter Emily shares her story of God's healing and restoration.
The Miracle that Multiplies
God uses the miracle of forgiveness to restore a family through one lost son.
Just Like Me
By hearing the story of Jesus’ birth, a young mother learned to accept her unexpected pregnancy.
The Village Tailor
God spared the life of the village tailor so that he could hear the Gospel.
Slow Down and Listen
Dave Hearn, President of the C&MA in Canada, asks, "What if when we are listening to God, we receive a word for someone else?"
Bound by a Dream
An obedient son risked his life to be reconciled with his family, who once plotted to kill him because of his faith.
Plant and Wait
Despite language barriers, a non-English speaking nanny was drawn to Christ through the actions of a family.
God Healed My Hand
God miraculously and rapidly healed a severe hand injury after a family prayed for healing.
Full Circle Redemption
A children’s pastor’s heart is broken by the very thing that breaks God’s heart.
Come to the Table
Jesus welcomes all to his table no matter what burden each person may carry.
No back-up plan
Faced with uncertainty, this family remains certain that God is faithful.
Warm Chicken Dinners And Park Benches
A family goes grocery shopping and ends up preparing and sharing nearly 150 dinners.
To God Be the Glory
My ex-husband, Rick, was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer on Friday, May 22, 2015. He was given six-to-twelve months to live.
Hampers of Hope
How one church makes an impact on their community by doing church a little bit differently.
I Have a Father
Through the love of our Heavenly Father, a young woman was able to forgive her childhood abuser and lead him to Christ.
Kids Serving Kids
Paramount Drive Alliance Church is teaching discipleship by having their kids serve other kids with cancer.
Global Advance Fund
We are a missionary movement focused on bringing truth, hope, and life (Jesus!) to least-reached people groups. We are on mission together!
Sacrifice of Praise
Through the death of their infant daughter, a couple was able to give their complete faith and the sacrifice of praise to God, who knows what is best.
Weaving Shalom
People at Life Point Church are transforming their community by choosing to be housed in their own community centre instead of a traditional church building.
Jazzy’s Second Lesson
Guess what? Jazzy gets upset when I gently scold him. Do you know how he lets me know he’s mad at me? ...
Farming Towards a Future
One gift is changing the future of a family and one teenage son.
On Mission as a Family
Shawn is the son of former missionaries, and a lot has changed since his parents served internationally.
Getting Out: Helping a Refugee Family
God led Westburne Alliance Church to sponsor the Parvez family and rescue them from persecution.
She left her crutch behind
Over the past several months, I have witnessed an increased responsiveness to the work of the Holy Spirit in our churches.
People of the Presence
The year was 1901, the audience was a group of African missionaries, and the speaker was Andrew Murray. He cleared his throat and boldly declared, “The key to the missionary problem is missionaries!”
All of us have voices that speak into our lives and impact our thinking and behaviour.
A Desperate Message
A desperate message on an answering machine led a pastor to befriend two siblings who had never heard the Gospel.
Forgiving My Abuser
Missionaries introduced Phearom to Jesus, and forgiving his abusive stepfather brought the entire family to Christ.
Rejoicing Always
When a mother was tragically taken from her two sons, they could still rejoice in the Lord.
Caught between Santa and the Kettle
Radical generosity is joyfully giving all of one’s time, talent, and treasures for the sake of God’s Kingdom without expecting any (earthly) return on investment.
Strengthening Family Ties Through Business
Our IWs are helping least-reached families sell their products from their local village so that families will not have to be separated in order to make a living. You can help!
Monuments to God’s Power
I was reminded of his vision, passion, and courage.
It Is still Snowing
In the winter of 2004 my husband, Kirk, and I discovered we were expecting twin girls. That summer, Annie and Audrey arrived. Big sister Lily was three, big brother Russell was two, and family life was a happy, exhausting whirlwind.
Praying for Breakthrough in Mexico City
Patience and prayer is key while labouring in the “birthing process” of ministry.
Safe House for Children at Risk
Our international workers in Thailand are opening a safe house for children who are rescued from human trafficking.
Praise and Glory: A Testimony of Healing
We picked up the prescription and headed to the church. Arriving late, I saw my granddaughter in the hall, waiting for quizzing to begin. I asked her to pray for me.
What Kind of Love is That?
If you were in a relationship with someone and you knew that they were just about to treat you badly, how would you treat them?
“For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11).
Jaffray Cheese Pie
A cheesecake recipe from Robert Jaffray’s wife has been passed down among generations of international workers.
Lifting Fear Aside
An international worker from the Desert Sand region shares how God delivered him from intense fear after witnessing his son’s leg getting run over by a bus.
Kinda: Baby Canada
From Syria to Lebanon to Canada, this refugee family is so grateful for their new home that they named their new daughter Kinda, Arabic for Canada.
Mission Accomplished for Toronto Resident
Mary Long served in Malawi for a total of 16 years, where she and her husband founded a Bible school together.
A Hug for My Sister
Day 18: Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—this is God.
Pizza with the Pastor
13 Sundays, 91 pizzas, and 171 people!