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Hope in Serbia
Danny and Vera are celebrating the six-year anniversary of the drug rehabilitation centre for men in Serbia.
Zlata’s Hope
Zlata was diagnosed with throat cancer at the beginning of 2014. The disease spread quickly, and she is very weak; all she asks Danny and Vera to do when they visit is to pray and read the Bible to her.
As “Life” was leaving the embassy after a day of teaching, he was called in to his boss’s office for a quick meeting. The boss told him not to come back on Monday as his position was being terminated.
Mentoring New International Workers
It was around the time of the 2006 FIFA World Cup that we first visited a church in Mannheim, Germany called Haus des Herrn (“House of the Lord”). Ralph and Ruth Shareski had planted the church 10 years earlier.
Negotiating with God
Sam questioned the faith he grew up with and desperately wanted to feel God’s presence and plan for his life...
Window of Dreams Part One
When a country closes its doors to Christianity, God finds his way in by climbing through the window of dreams.
Window of Dreams Part Two
God continues to protect Aisha in her pursuit for truth.
The Miracle that Multiplies
God uses the miracle of forgiveness to restore a family through one lost son.
“I am proof that JESUS heals!"
A finance manager is telling her friends that she is proof that Jesus heals.
One Pair of Socks
Like two individual socks without a mate, the static of God’s love brought two people together in the most unlikely of places.
Patience Pays
God waited eighteen years for this daughter to open her heart to him!
Every Wind and Wave
An international worker discovers the joy of obeying the Spirit’s prompting.
Jesus in the Park
The stories about Jesus teaching crowds of eager people in fields are still happening!
Evangelism on Call
God can bring anyone to you despite your taste in friends. Are you ready to represent Jesus at any given moment?
On Mission Together
Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara tribe, one of the least-reached communities that we work with. Thanks to all of the donations from the C&MA Women’s Ministries, we have received over $80,000 (after the exchange rate) for the construction
NewSong HD
Heidelberg is a hub for people from all over the world; there are doors open wide for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayer and worship are the core of NewSong HD.
Precious in His Sight
Even though we may not understand God’s ways, we can have faith that he is in control.
Faith on the Job
Evangelization requires the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world, including the workplace.
Possibilities with Christ
These CAC workers dream of having all their employees call on the name of Jesus. With Christ, all dreams are possible!
Finding Jesus at Work
One woman went to work and found her self-worth, dignity, and Jesus.
Jesus the Business Owner
A new believer's faith grew when he saw how God blessed honest business tactics.
The Dove Got Me!
God uses cultural nuances, even ones about animal excretion, to bring His lost children into His loving arms.
Ministry of Friendship
The justice and compassion team in Thailand are beginning their ministry by befriending the sexually exploited on Bangla Road.
National Women’s Ministries Project: A Hope and a Future
National Women’s Ministries is raising money to fund a home to help women who are struggling with addiction. Without your help, women like Sofija will never hear the Gospel.
Building Churches Around the World
YOU can help fulfill the global vision of the C&MA by supporting our international workers (IWs) serving in church ministry. Pray that the churches where they serve will be healthy Great Commission churches that win people for the Lord, build believer
Small Church Big Dreams
A relationship began to develop between l’Église ACM de Matane, a tiny congregation on the edge of the Gaspé Peninsula, and international workers Don and Betty Orr when Rev. Michael Gagnon made a post-Assembly trip to Poland following Genera
Together on Mission
Together on Mission is a collection of stories from international workers coming from various Christian and Missionary Alliance Regions.
Moon Flower and Apple Flower
Two sisters are impacting the next generation of their nation because international workers from around the world have invested in their lives.
Developing Young Leaders: Bethany House
The mission of Bethany House is to supply a spiritually dry continent with the young leaders it needs.
(Intern)ational Adventures: Growing in God in Germany
Karissa Gilbertson is currently a “Global Ministries Apprentice” (GMAP) in Heidelberg, Germany. She reflects on her time as an apprentice so far.
Intern(ational) Adventures: For Such a Time as This
Jonathan Watland was a “Global Ministries Apprentice” (GMAP) in Germany. He reflects on the lessons he learned during his two years as an apprentice as he developed the NewSongHD ministry alongside international workers.
A Future in Missions
As a single mom for 25 years and widowed for the past 15, Kathy had several international workers (IWs) stay in her home. She became fascinated with their stories.
Faithful Through the Fire
A local couple in the Silk Road region is questioned for their faith in Jesus.
Updates from Around the World
Many families leave their villages to sell their handmade jewellery. Distributing these items through Brave Heart Collective will decrease the necessity for families to travel far from home.
Digging for Gold
Danny and Vera Kuranji liken their rehab ministry to digging for gold: hard work, but rewarding.
Valentine’s Day in the Red Light District
God’s message of love was shared within the red light district of Phuket, Thailand, this Valentine’s Day. Over 1000 gift bags and flowers were handed out to the vulnerable workers of Bangla Road.
Prepared to Go
Both Ray and Cindy have attended and been involved with Alliance churches their entire lives. They dedicated their lives to God in high school and attended Canadian Bible School in Regina, SK, where they met.
Updates from Around the World Spring 2017
Praise and prayer items from our workers.
A Regional Video - Silk Road
Sharing the Gospel with Least-Reached Kids
During one of our teacher training lessons, Alicia* started to cry when we were teaching what the Bible says about sharing the Gospel with children.