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Dignity House
Dignity House is a second-stage home for women who want to leave the sex trade. Women reside with Shona Stewart, Director of Dignity House, who is passionate about seeing their lives transformed...
Catching the Vision Canadian Midwest District
The Canadian Midwest District (CMD) is a mosaic of 73 churches spread across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Western Ontario (up to the Central Standard Time zone line) and the territory of Nunavut.
Catching the Vision Eastern Canadian District
Anywhere you go in the Eastern Canadian District, you can catch the vision of a people who believe God wants to do something new and fresh among them. We love to be part of what God is doing.
Catching the Vision Canadian Pacific District
Our entire district team is ramping up our preparations to raise our multiplication capacity and reverse this trend as we join our missional God in his work. Ultimately, we’re acknowledging our inability to do anything apart from the leadership, th
Catching the Vision Western Canadian District
In the Western Canadian District (WCD), the emphasis on becoming “Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered and Mission-focused” is experiencing fruit at the grassroots level in our congregations.
A Mighty Movement of God
We arrived in Lima, Peru in 1975, two years after the birth of “Lima’s Encounter with God”. Hundreds came to Christ and were discipled into churches.
Forming a Forever Family
“Who’d like to make their maximum impact for God?” the preacher asked. “Who’d like to experience real purpose in life?” We didn’t know each other at the time, but we remember sitting there as youth listening to
Pausing to Pray
We interrupt this program to pray. For one week, members of Estevan Alliance Church in Saskatchewan halted their regular weekly programs and dedicated their evenings to prayer.
Catching the Vision Central Canadian District
Uniting together to embrace multiplication initiatives...
Catching the Vision St. Lawrence District
Using our unique heritage to reach the world...
Beauty through Brokenness
God uses a small, struggling church to start a transitional home.
Doors Wide Open
NEXT Christian Community Church opens its doors for all to find Jesus – even through art.
Making a Real Difference
Good-hearted kids living on mission raised over $2,000 for the Kids in Crisis Centre in Guinea!
Wall of Wonder
To testify of God’s greatness, one church family covered a wall with examples of God’s goodness.
Telling Jesus’ Stories
God is living, and we are all his stories.
Blessing Volunteers
Volunteers are the batteries that keep the church running, and it is important to keep them charged.
Biker Blessings
Every Father’s Day, one Saskatchewan church blesses bikers at a local festival.
REFUEL: Defeating Disappointment
When life gives you hard knocks, knocking on God's door will open to satisfaction.
Church at the Manor
A spiritual battle is being waged as God’s people are bringing light to a place of darkness.
Understanding Rural Diversity
Learn about the different types of rural communities and how the church functions in these places.
Ploughing Through Granite
There is no heart too stony for God to break through with his love.
The Value of Faithfulness
Your value is seen in your faithfulness to God’s call on your life.
The Heart of Nurses
The nurses of Hamilton Grace Mandarin Alliance Church were used powerfully by God to minister to others only two weeks after they formed their nurse care ministry.
I Am Liberty
By God’s providence, the author of a dance show met the woman who inspired the show on the opening night.
Plant and Wait
Despite language barriers, a non-English speaking nanny was drawn to Christ through the actions of a family.
When God Withholds
A view of why God might withhold something from your life.
Covered with Love
God provides for the orphans’ smallest needs.
Renewal - Let the Fire Fall
One of the rules that I grew up with was, “Never play with fire.” It always intrigues me to see how often prohibitions become temptations. One summer while I was visiting our family farm, my cousin and I decided to experiment with fire...
God Healed My Hand
God miraculously and rapidly healed a severe hand injury after a family prayed for healing.
God Among the Trees
Seamless Link Advisor Marcus Verbrugge opens up about how God spoke to him and ministered to his soul during long walks in the woods.
Full Circle Redemption
A children’s pastor’s heart is broken by the very thing that breaks God’s heart.
Scoring Chances
To score for Jesus, you need to take a shot at the goal more often.
Come to the Table
Jesus welcomes all to his table no matter what burden each person may carry.
Students who SOAR
SOAR is a short-term mission for youth in Montreal. One seventeen-year-old learned the joys of surrendering his life to the Holy Spirit.
Serving Up Hope
Two women from Summerland Alliance Church are co-leading God’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen that serves breakfast every Tuesday morning in Penticton, BC.
Corporate Chaplain
Chaplains are seeking out corporations to walk alongside their employees as a way to live on mission.
Prayer Walking
Marcus and Debbie hear God speak to them while prayer walking.
Finally Home
In October 2014, I heard about a refugee program on Context with Lorna Dueck...
Seeing Jesus
Seeing Jesus at Eagle Bay Camp in British Columbia.
Warm Chicken Dinners And Park Benches
A family goes grocery shopping and ends up preparing and sharing nearly 150 dinners.
On Mission Together
Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara tribe, one of the least-reached communities that we work with. Thanks to all of the donations from the C&MA Women’s Ministries, we have received over $80,000 (after the exchange rate) for the construction
Better Together
Imagine being found by someone, being known for the person you actually are, both joys and struggles alike.
The Ripple Effect
Roaring laughter was often heard coming from Dr. Cramer’s classroom. Perhaps he was sharing his theory on grading papers—the farther a paper fell down a flight of stairs the higher the grade—“So add paper clips for a higher mark
NewSong HD
Heidelberg is a hub for people from all over the world; there are doors open wide for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayer and worship are the core of NewSong HD.
To God Be the Glory
My ex-husband, Rick, was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer on Friday, May 22, 2015. He was given six-to-twelve months to live.
Linking Lives
What is a Seamless Link Covenant and what is its impact on global missions?
Hampers of Hope
How one church makes an impact on their community by doing church a little bit differently.
I Have a Father
Through the love of our Heavenly Father, a young woman was able to forgive her childhood abuser and lead him to Christ.
Kids Serving Kids
Paramount Drive Alliance Church is teaching discipleship by having their kids serve other kids with cancer.
Jazzy’s First Lesson
Let me introduce you to Jazzy, an excellent male friend of mine, who’s now six months old and still as cute as the day I adopted him, when he was two months old...
Weaving Shalom
People at Life Point Church are transforming their community by choosing to be housed in their own community centre instead of a traditional church building.
In Praise of Nurses
Parish nursing is satisfying because of the freedom to bring in the spiritual element into care.
Deuxième leçon de Jazzy
Imagine toi que mon Jazzy se fâche quand je le réprimande gentiment. Sais tu comment il s’y prend pour me faire savoir qu’il est en colère contre moi ? ...
Getting Out: Helping a Refugee Family
God led Westburne Alliance Church to sponsor the Parvez family and rescue them from persecution.
People of the Presence
The year was 1901, the audience was a group of African missionaries, and the speaker was Andrew Murray. He cleared his throat and boldly declared, “The key to the missionary problem is missionaries!”
Looking Forward in Prayer
Catch the wave of excitement for Prayer in Motion!
A Desperate Message
A desperate message on an answering machine led a pastor to befriend two siblings who had never heard the Gospel.
Beware of Prayer: It Affects You
Prayer changes lives, especially a week of 24/7 prayer.
National Women’s Ministries Project: A Hope and a Future
National Women’s Ministries is raising money to fund a home to help women who are struggling with addiction. Without your help, women like Sofija will never hear the Gospel.
A Prayer for General Assembly 2016
One man’s prayer for General Assembly 2016 is unbridled joy.
Cova turned down a lucrative business career to share the Good News to his people group in Guinea.
Embracing Prayer
It is the cry of Newmarket Alliance's heart to see everyone find their "sweet spot" in the practice of prayer.
Small Church Big Dreams
A relationship began to develop between l’Église ACM de Matane, a tiny congregation on the edge of the Gaspé Peninsula, and international workers Don and Betty Orr when Rev. Michael Gagnon made a post-Assembly trip to Poland following Genera
Spirit-Infused Leadership
Chair of the Board is not Lorne’s first role in The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA). He has served on various Elders Boards in Alliance churches for the past 35 years, and then in 1986, he, along with three other families...
Starting Something New
For some, mobilization comes easy. They are quick to engage in multiplicative activity with endless energy and enthusiasm. But for most, starting something new is intimidating. To start a new church seems daunting and destined to fail. Some will...
The Gospel Car
By early 1922, A. W. Roffe, superintendent of the Canadian District, and J. H. Woodward, pastor of the future Beulah Tabernacle, had come up with an innovative strategy for doing outreach on a shoestring budget. They called their Edmonton-based...
Together on Mission
Together on Mission is a collection of stories from international workers coming from various Christian and Missionary Alliance Regions.
Youth Pray for the Nations
Rexdale Alliance Church used the Prayer in Motion event to mobilize youth to pray for the nations of the world and for least-reached people groups for 24 hours.
New Story Conference
Be part of a new story in Canadian and Church history.
Packages Along the Tracks
An Alliance pastor instilled compassion for homeless people into his daughter, who now ministers to Calgary’s homeless with her grandchildren.
I Dont do Sunday School
Instead of teaching children to know about God, Pastor Kyla Ward desires that children will actually know God.
Something Bigger than Us
Alliston Alliance joined the wave of prayer and is inspired to continue holding prayer vigils.
Cinquième leçon de Jazzy
Même si Jazzy aime diverses nourritures, une senteur qui lui déplaît est celle du café. Quand je me fais un café, la senteur ne le réveille et ne l’attire jamais...
Erring on the Side of Action
A young woman has been convicted to act out her faith and hopes to encourage others to follow suit.
Monuments to God’s Power
I was reminded of his vision, passion, and courage.
Des monuments à la puissance de Dieu
Ces simples objets constituaient un rappel puissant du leader héroïque que j’appelais « papa ». J’ai rapporté la petite boîte chez moi et l’ai placée dans ce qui ressemble à un coffre au trésor.
Summer, A Most Important Ministry Season
Pastor Kyla Ward encourages churches to use the summer season to its full advantage and provides ministry ideas.
Jazzy’s Sixth Lesson
God can speak to me and let me know that He loves me in different ways, but He’s always the same God.
Sixième leçon de Jazzy
Dieu peut me parler et me faire savoir qu’il m’aime de différentes façons, mais il reste quand même Dieu.
Making Contact with the Aucas
David and Marilyn Miller recount the time they made successful contact with the Aucas with Rachel Saint and Elisabeth Elliot.
Chilliwack House Church Initiative
The journey of establishing a house church ministry is one of victories and struggles.
Downtown Community Church
Downtown Community Church, a new church plant in Kitchener, ON, will open its doors on November 6, 2016.
Rendezvous 2016
Young men and women met from all over the world to make connections and discern how God will have them live on mission.
Where do You Place Your Confidence?
Pastor Vijay Krishnan delivers a message on confidence at Rendezvous 2016.
Will You Give God Your Yes?
Pastor Vijay Krishnan delivers a message about life in ministry at Rendezvous 2016.
Ministry in a Snapshot
The photography ministry at First Alliance Church in Calgary, AB, captures God’s power and glory.
Framing God’s Power and Glory
A photography ministry was borne out of one man’s desire to display the awe of nature to his church.
6 Points about our Movement
Before The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada was a denomination, we were an ecumenical movement. A.B. Simpson described us as a “further in and further out” movement—further in to “the heights and depths...
Six faits au sujet de notre mouvement
A. B. Simpson nous décrivait comme un mouvement « allant plus loin vers l’intérieur et vers l’extérieur », en « approfondissant sa vie avec Christ » et en « s’attelant avec énergie à l’œuvre mi
宣信博士形容我們是一個「對內和對外都更進深」的運動:對內更 深入「基督生命的高
Gasping for Air
Sometimes things seem out of control. It feels like the waves of worry, fear, sorrow, anxiety, depression, and discouragement.
I think God is talking to me
One of my campers came into the week not knowing that Eagle Bay was a Bible camp; she came up to me and said, “I think God is talking to me.”
Filling Hearts and Tummies
Maru cooked three meals a day for over 100 children without pay for eight years, all because of her heart for Jesus.
Alliance Foundations Series: Our Logo
In our next article series, learn in depth about the symbols that make up the Alliance logo.
Alliance Foundations Series: The Crown
Learn about the meaning behind the crown in our logo and how that gives us hope for the future.
Alliance Foundations Series: The Cross
Learn about the meaning behind the cross in our logo and the eternal impact it has on our lives.
REFUEL: Take Care of Yourself
The better you take care of yourself, the greater your potential ability to be of use to others and to God.
Momentum Builds
Prayer in Motion is a call to join with others in a fresh wave of entering God’s presence. It was birthed during a gathering of intercessors from across Canada in Vernon, BC, for a one-timestrategic meeting to talk about how to increase prayer...
Returning to our Roots
Every Wednesday, the staff, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Ken Shigematsu, begin the day with 5-10 minutes of centering prayer. Think of it as reclining back on Jesus, much like John the disciple does in John 13.
Alliance Foundations Series: The Pitcher
Learn about the meaning behind the pitcher in our logo and how that increases our knowledge of God’s sovereignty and grace.
Updates from Around the World
Many families leave their villages to sell their handmade jewellery. Distributing these items through Brave Heart Collective will decrease the necessity for families to travel far from home.
You Can't Out-Give God
In November 2014, God gave our church an opportunity to practise sacrificial giving as seen in Luke 21:4. We had a $70,000 operating deficit at the time, but the Global Advance Fund (GAF)...
Alliance Foundations Series: The Laver
Learn about the meaning behind the laver in our logo and how that influences our everyday lives.
A Big Effort from a Small Church
A small-town church in Saskatchewan worked together to make a difference in the life of a refugee family.
Praise and Glory: A Testimony of Healing
We picked up the prescription and headed to the church. Arriving late, I saw my granddaughter in the hall, waiting for quizzing to begin. I asked her to pray for me.
REFUEL: The 4 Rs of Ministry Strategy
These 4 Rs provide a less complicated template to developing a vision and strategy process for your church or organization.
Jaffray Cheese Pie
A cheesecake recipe from Robert Jaffray’s wife has been passed down among generations of international workers.
Small Gestures
Pastor Kyla Ward of Victoria Alliance Church went on a life-changing trip to Senegal to distribute Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with Samaritan’s Purse.
REFUEL: Flex Your Creative Muscles
“…we were made, and made again, to be co-makers with the Maker…”
Where Does your Help Come from?
In the winter, in the harsh cold and bleak skied days, it is easy to get disoriented, to get discouraged, or even lose our way.
Oil Change Day
A ministry that started at a home is now hosted at First Alliance Church’s professional garage.
Show 'n' Shine
Beep! Honk! Vroom! See how First Alliance Church in Calgary uses a car show to open its doors to the community.
A Life of Listening
Celebrating the career of Catherine Thompson, the first woman to be licensed and endorsed as a chaplain by the C&MA in Canada.
Finding Home
I was eager and excited for this new adventure, but I wasn’t blind to the reality that in a short while, everything and everyone I knew would be replaced by the unfamiliar.
Fulfillment after Retirement
Retirement doesn’t have to be the end of a fulfilling career. One international worker found satisfaction in becoming a translator at schools and hospitals.
Never Alone
Lent Day 3: I stared up at the star-spotted sky ... I felt so small and insignificant.
Kinda: Baby Canada
From Syria to Lebanon to Canada, this refugee family is so grateful for their new home that they named their new daughter Kinda, Arabic for Canada.
Love Those who are Foreigners
With 200 million people migrating today, Scripture brings fresh impetus to our lives as Canadian Christians.
A Risk Worth Taking
My walk with Jesus is made up of moments of closeness and moments of dryness (as with every other Christian), but I had never had a real experience of His love for me. For a long time, I was skeptical of the supernatural because...
My Soul Tingled
For over 20 years I suffered from many physical illnesses and disabilities, including a nervous breakdown while preparing for college. I was not permitted by my doctor to even look at a book. During this time I nearly died, and on the verge...
Up in Smoke
Merry Christmas; our church just burned down.
Updates from Around the World Spring 2017
Praise and prayer items from our workers.
Pizza with the Pastor
13 Sundays, 91 pizzas, and 171 people!
A Regional Video - Sea to Sea