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Bright Colours, Bright Hope
The Niger Vocational Centre teaches girls skills that will improve their future, their children’s future, and the future of Niger.
Mighty like a Rose
The Holy Spirit is moving and inspiring people to help in Phuket, Thailand.
Making a Real Difference
Good-hearted kids living on mission raised over $2,000 for the Kids in Crisis Centre in Guinea!
One Family at a Time
Two sisters were transformed by ministry to their children. Even Jesus can change adult lives through children’s ministry!
Window of Dreams Part One
When a country closes its doors to Christianity, God finds his way in by climbing through the window of dreams.
Every Wind and Wave
An international worker discovers the joy of obeying the Spirit’s prompting.
Precious in His Sight
Even though we may not understand God’s ways, we can have faith that he is in control.
Linking Lives
What is a Seamless Link Covenant and what is its impact on global missions?
On Mission as a Family
Shawn is the son of former missionaries, and a lot has changed since his parents served internationally.
Nothing but the Blood
The actions of a child can remind us of how we act towards our Heavenly Father.
Rejoicing Always
When a mother was tragically taken from her two sons, they could still rejoice in the Lord.
National Women’s Ministries Project: A Hope and a Future
National Women’s Ministries is raising money to fund a home to help women who are struggling with addiction. Without your help, women like Sofija will never hear the Gospel.
Building Churches Around the World
YOU can help fulfill the global vision of the C&MA by supporting our international workers (IWs) serving in church ministry. Pray that the churches where they serve will be healthy Great Commission churches that win people for the Lord, build believer
Past and Present
Having grown up in South America with missionary parents, and now having spent several years in the Silk Road region, I have seen five significant changes to the face of missions since my parents’ day.
Together on Mission
Together on Mission is a collection of stories from international workers coming from various Christian and Missionary Alliance Regions.
Moon Flower and Apple Flower
Two sisters are impacting the next generation of their nation because international workers from around the world have invested in their lives.
Nice to Meet You: Kathy Johnson
Leaving for Guinea in July 2016, Kathy Johnson gives us a glimpse of her journey leading up to her calling of living on mission overseas.
All Other Ground is Sinking Sand
This missionary couple endured fantastic foods and sinking sand to spread the Gospel in Ecuador.
Making Contact with the Aucas
David and Marilyn Miller recount the time they made successful contact with the Aucas with Rachel Saint and Elisabeth Elliot.
Breaking through the Shell
God can use the eagerness of children of international workers to break through the shell that encases the hearts of their friends from the truth.
Caring for Co-workers
This IW exchanged criticism with encouragement in the workplace, and God’s love poured down on her co-workers.
What Does the Global Advance Fund Pay For?
It feels sometimes like we drop our money in the offering plate but have little idea of the good that it really does. Learn of a few of the ways that God uses your giving to the Global Advance Fund.
No one could have prepared me for what I was about to face when we went into the Amazon jungle to live and serve as missionaries.
Intern(ational) Adventures: A Prairie Boy in Mexico
Jeff Brown was an intern in Mexico. As part of this series on C&MA interns, Jeff reflects on his experiences.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Finding God’s Love in the Mountains
Rebecca Ross is an apprentice in Mexico. She is currently working with Heather Hahn and Brave Heart Ministries. Rebecca reflects on her experiences so far.
The 10/40 Window Explained
Find out what the 10/40 Window is, and see how the C&MA in Canada is participating in this geographical area.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Stories Under the Stars
Katie was an intern in the WAVE program. She recounts her experience of being an intern for two years in Niger and Guinea.
(Intern)ational Adventures: Holding Gods Hand in Africa
“Michael” was an intern in the WAVE program. He recounts how this experience shaped him.
What is HMS?
HMS occurs every year, but what is it? Who is it for?
Tackling Transition
International workers at HMS process their journey of transition.
A Brighter Future for Niger
Jabari crawled to school every day. The other children didn't pay attention to him.
(Intern)ational Adventures: Growing in God in Germany
Karissa Gilbertson is currently a “Global Ministries Apprentice” (GMAP) in Heidelberg, Germany. She reflects on her time as an apprentice so far.
Intern(ational) Adventures: For Such a Time as This
Jonathan Watland was a “Global Ministries Apprentice” (GMAP) in Germany. He reflects on the lessons he learned during his two years as an apprentice as he developed the NewSongHD ministry alongside international workers.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Surprised by Love
Kaura-lea Dueck completed her eight-month internship through Ambrose University's onSite program in northern Thailand. She recounts how God used that experience to change her heart and call her to full-time missions in Phuket, Thailand.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Dodging and Developing
“Liam” was an intern with an international worker couple who serve a least-reached people group in the Asian Spice region. He recounts his time of doing development work in a rural area.
Small Town Taiwan
The Hidden in Plain Sight ministry focuses on planting churches among the working-class people in Taiwan, a demographic where Christianity makes up half a percent of the people.
3 Elements for a Strong Mission Culture
After 20 years of ministry and spending time with many kinds of congregations, I know that nobody ever thinks they have “arrived” when it comes to reminding disciples of their part in advancing the Gospel. It’s not a sprint—it
A Future in Missions
As a single mom for 25 years and widowed for the past 15, Kathy had several international workers (IWs) stay in her home. She became fascinated with their stories.
Equipping the Saints
God gives good gifts to His church. One of these gifts comes in the person of Judith (Judy) Wiebe. In this year of her retirement, we want to thank God for her, honour her, and bless her. Judy has a heart of compassion that God uses in many ways.
Loving Iraq
In August 2014, the world was shocked as news agencies reported the brutal onslaught by the Islamic State (ISIS) on the Yazidi people (link to Yazidi resources) of Northern Iraq. People fled their region with looks of terror on their faces.
Out with the Idols, In with the Fish
After a mother and a daughter had the same dream from God, they replaced the idol shelf in the nursing home they run with a fish tank.
Jaffray Cheese Pie
A cheesecake recipe from Robert Jaffray’s wife has been passed down among generations of international workers.
Speaking Through the Spirit
Having brought the wrong notes to his sermon, an international workers was still able to bring many to Christ by allowing the Spirit to speak through him.
We can rest knowing that Jesus descended from broken people to serve a broken world.
Christmas in Africa
The Holy Spirit used an international worker’s broken language skill to speak clearly at a church on Christmas Day in Africa.
Lasting Happiness
An international worker was able to use his past experience with drugs and alcohol to explain to a seeking friend that these things will not provide lasting happiness.
Digging for Gold
Danny and Vera Kuranji liken their rehab ministry to digging for gold: hard work, but rewarding.
Finding Home
I was eager and excited for this new adventure, but I wasn’t blind to the reality that in a short while, everything and everyone I knew would be replaced by the unfamiliar.
Lifting Fear Aside
An international worker from the Desert Sand region shares how God delivered him from intense fear after witnessing his son’s leg getting run over by a bus.
Fulfillment after Retirement
Retirement doesn’t have to be the end of a fulfilling career. One international worker found satisfaction in becoming a translator at schools and hospitals.
118 People in 5 Days
When the Niger team sat down to calculate how many lives the love of God had touched that week, they were astounded!
The Spiritual Challenge of “Showing Up”
Sometimes, God asks us to be present and available.
Valentine’s Day in the Red Light District
God’s message of love was shared within the red light district of Phuket, Thailand, this Valentine’s Day. Over 1000 gift bags and flowers were handed out to the vulnerable workers of Bangla Road.
Purchasing a Gospel Opportunity
God told an international worker to buy a wicker basket at the price five times its value as a Gospel opportunity.
The C&MA in Chile
On route to India, the Weiss family ended up planting churches in Chile.
Mission Accomplished for Toronto Resident
Mary Long served in Malawi for a total of 16 years, where she and her husband founded a Bible school together.
Age is Just a Number
International workers were amazed that a 14-year-old boy could be so curious about the Gospel.
Reaching Out to “Salarymen”
The Japan team needs prayer to effectively reach out to Japanese office workers, also known as “salarymen.”
Well Well Well
THREE well-digging projects have begun in three different village areas in Niger.
The Compassion and Forgiveness of Jesus
Seekers in North Africa fell in love with traits of Christ that they couldn’t find in their own religious belief system.
Prepared to Go
Both Ray and Cindy have attended and been involved with Alliance churches their entire lives. They dedicated their lives to God in high school and attended Canadian Bible School in Regina, SK, where they met.
Updates from Around the World Spring 2017
Praise and prayer items from our workers.
Prepared to Go (Fall 2017)
They have taken several short-term missions (STM) teams and their children to Ecuador, falling in love with the Latino culture and Spanish language. They also took a STM trip to Mexico City a few years ago.