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A Mighty Movement of God
We arrived in Lima, Peru in 1975, two years after the birth of “Lima’s Encounter with God”. Hundreds came to Christ and were discipled into churches.
United in Love
How a wedding brought together kids who wouldn't normally talk to each other.
Forgiveness Across Borders
Healing from the impact of a past decision...
One Family at a Time
Two sisters were transformed by ministry to their children. Even Jesus can change adult lives through children’s ministry!
Second Chances in the Sun
A government official’s request is causing the love of Jesus to touch the lives of single moms and the local community.
Gersons Story
One changed heart can touch a whole community.
Finding That One Thing
A short-term team from University Drive Alliance in Alberta found the one thing that made all the difference during their time in Costa Rica.
A Man of Prayer
God only needs one willing servant to touch an entire nation.
Covered with Love
God provides for the orphans’ smallest needs.
Mountain of Linguistics
Learning a language can be as difficult as climbing a mountain, but our God can move mountains if we have faith.
Warm Chicken Dinners And Park Benches
A family goes grocery shopping and ends up preparing and sharing nearly 150 dinners.
Passion for Adventure
Our desire is to link Latin American youth to God through leadership training and orphanage work. Inca Link does both of these through various ministries.
On Mission Together
Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara tribe, one of the least-reached communities that we work with. Thanks to all of the donations from the C&MA Women’s Ministries, we have received over $80,000 (after the exchange rate) for the construction
When the Holy Spirit Moves
In the midst of deep hurt, low self-image, distrust, and a lack of forgiveness, the Holy Spirit moves.
Profit in Ice Cream
God is blessing a business school in the Caribbean Sun region and the students who pursue His Kingdom!
Linking Lives
What is a Seamless Link Covenant and what is its impact on global missions?
I Have a Father
Through the love of our Heavenly Father, a young woman was able to forgive her childhood abuser and lead him to Christ.
Prayer in the Plaza
Emma Martin shares her testimony of how the Holy Spirit gifted her with the ability to speak Spanish at a pivotal moment.
Sacrifice of Praise
Through the death of their infant daughter, a couple was able to give their complete faith and the sacrifice of praise to God, who knows what is best.
Farming Towards a Future
One gift is changing the future of a family and one teenage son.
International Work Projects: Mexico
A work team returns to Mexico to build a church where there were once rotten chip boards.
People of the Presence
The year was 1901, the audience was a group of African missionaries, and the speaker was Andrew Murray. He cleared his throat and boldly declared, “The key to the missionary problem is missionaries!”
Nothing but the Blood
The actions of a child can remind us of how we act towards our Heavenly Father.
International Work Projects: Haiti
In this second trip to Haiti, relationships are being built from the foundations that were made last year.
Rejoicing Always
When a mother was tragically taken from her two sons, they could still rejoice in the Lord.
International Work Project: Atizapan, Mexico
On a returning trip to Atizapan, Mexico, the international work team developed relationship with the people and with our own international workers.
A Boy Named Stalin Hitler
A missionary teacher lives out the lesson of loving her enemies towards her rebellious pupils in Ecuador.
Building Churches Around the World
YOU can help fulfill the global vision of the C&MA by supporting our international workers (IWs) serving in church ministry. Pray that the churches where they serve will be healthy Great Commission churches that win people for the Lord, build believer
Advancing Women
An international worker is building up local women to become leaders of the National Women’s Ministry.
The Country Bumpkin
God took a farmer and turned him into a fisher of men!
Together on Mission
Together on Mission is a collection of stories from international workers coming from various Christian and Missionary Alliance Regions.
The Stone That Cried Out
A single stone helped a Spirit-filled pastor walk out of the police building, where he was being persecuted.
International Work Project: Snow in Mexico
Snow and slopes and sickness, oh my!
I Dont do Sunday School
Instead of teaching children to know about God, Pastor Kyla Ward desires that children will actually know God.
Strengthening Family Ties Through Business
Our IWs are helping least-reached families sell their products from their local village so that families will not have to be separated in order to make a living. You can help!
International Work Project: Returning to Copper Canyon
Praise God that construction for the clinic and women's shelter has begun!
All Other Ground is Sinking Sand
This missionary couple endured fantastic foods and sinking sand to spread the Gospel in Ecuador.
Caribbean Island Ministry
The Caribbean Island Ministry Team’s goal is to create self-sustaining movements that produce transformation throughout the region.
Praying for Breakthrough in Mexico City
Patience and prayer is key while labouring in the “birthing process” of ministry.
A New Generation of Leaders in Mexico
When local churches reach out to their own community, lives are transformed.
Making Contact with the Aucas
David and Marilyn Miller recount the time they made successful contact with the Aucas with Rachel Saint and Elisabeth Elliot.
No one could have prepared me for what I was about to face when we went into the Amazon jungle to live and serve as missionaries.
Intern(ational) Adventures: A Prairie Boy in Mexico
Jeff Brown was an intern in Mexico. As part of this series on C&MA interns, Jeff reflects on his experiences.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Finding God’s Love in the Mountains
Rebecca Ross is an apprentice in Mexico. She is currently working with Heather Hahn and Brave Heart Ministries. Rebecca reflects on her experiences so far.
Stop the Stomping
Teaching Sunday school taught a woman that to listen to God and know His voice, you have to cut out the distracting noise around you.
Filling Hearts and Tummies
Maru cooked three meals a day for over 100 children without pay for eight years, all because of her heart for Jesus.
From the Pew to the Desert
In December 2015, I was attending a conference of Fulani believers in Linguere, Senegal. One highlight for me was the baptism of my Fulani friend, Macky. As he was baptized, a flood of images from over fifteen years swept over me.
Updates from Around the World
Many families leave their villages to sell their handmade jewellery. Distributing these items through Brave Heart Collective will decrease the necessity for families to travel far from home.
On Our Way to…Mexico?
International workers Chris and Terra-Lynn Ulriksen have been waiting two years to enter Venezuela, but God has other plans…
Dabu and His Spear
God gave a deep sleep to a missionary to the Aucas in spite of the threat of being speared to death.
Alliance World Fellowship – Day 4 in Bangkok
Have we achieved institutional status and found a certain comfort level, no longer having our original passion for lost people?
Day of the Dead
International workers Dan and Jenica Van Essen describe the spiritual longing behind a culture that reveres death and deceased loved ones.
Speaking Through the Spirit
Having brought the wrong notes to his sermon, an international workers was still able to bring many to Christ by allowing the Spirit to speak through him.
International Work Project: El Campamento
An update from the international work project trip to El Campamento, Mexico.
The C&MA in Chile
On route to India, the Weiss family ended up planting churches in Chile.
Conquering Chemo
God’s healing in my life has gone deeper than my physical body. He used uncertainty to call me closer, and to help me discover “treasures hidden in the darkness” (Isaiah 45:3, NLT).
Prepared to Go
Both Ray and Cindy have attended and been involved with Alliance churches their entire lives. They dedicated their lives to God in high school and attended Canadian Bible School in Regina, SK, where they met.
Updates from Around the World Spring 2017
Praise and prayer items from our workers.
Healed: He Mends the Broken Heart
Recently, after sharing part of our story and the story of Hagar in one of the local churches, we were told that a woman had received complete healing of her enlarged heart while we were speaking. Her condition had deteriorated...
A Regional Video - Caribbean Sun
Sharing the Gospel with Least-Reached Kids
During one of our teacher training lessons, Alicia* started to cry when we were teaching what the Bible says about sharing the Gospel with children.