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Healing in the Asian Spice
Two years ago, before leaving for a one-year home assignment to Canada, A and J prayed for healing in Jesus’s name with and for Nancy...
Missions as a Family Affair
I am a missionary, a missionary kid, a missionary niece and a missionary grandchild. The stories I heard around the supper table as a child often involved jungles, tigers and communists, but they always concluded with God’s mighty power.
Fearlessly Taking a Stand
How the faith of a mayor impacted the national church in Thailand...
Highlights in the Lowlands
One short-term team’s unity in prayer and ministry brought powerful consequences to the Indonesian Lowlands.
An International Worker’s discernment and obedience to the Spirit led to one woman’s escape from slavery.
A Daughter Delivered
The deliverance of a daughter from evil spirits spurred her extended family to accept salvation through Jesus!
An Hour a Day
Nestled between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia is known for the genocide of its people at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Corruption levels in Cambodia are nearly the highest in the world. Despite the AIDS epidemic as well as cholera...
On Mission Together
Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara tribe, one of the least-reached communities that we work with. Thanks to all of the donations from the C&MA Women’s Ministries, we have received over $80,000 (after the exchange rate) for the construction
Reviving First Love
Video: IW Lois Belsey shares the joys and challenges of serving two people groups in Indonesia.
The Smiling Pastor
Pastor Choun could have chosen an easier road, especially with his English ability, but he gave it to Christ to use, and he is now impacting an entire village for the name of Jesus.
Vietnamese Diaspora Outreach
Migrant workers from Vietnam pursue jobs or marriages in Taiwan that promise income for families back home...
Spiritual Sight
God used three international workers and a long-lost school chum to point Jenny to Jesus.
Forgiving My Abuser
Missionaries introduced Phearom to Jesus, and forgiving his abusive stepfather brought the entire family to Christ.
Ministry of Friendship
The justice and compassion team in Thailand are beginning their ministry by befriending the sexually exploited on Bangla Road.
Building Churches Around the World
YOU can help fulfill the global vision of the C&MA by supporting our international workers (IWs) serving in church ministry. Pray that the churches where they serve will be healthy Great Commission churches that win people for the Lord, build believer
Mrs. Lamaah Learns to Read
Kindness and literacy classes are opening the door to the hearts of many women, who are being introduced to God’s Kingdom.
The Migrants
God spoke clearly to me in 2012 about the migrants’ plight, and the Nations Learning Centre (NLC) was born in 2013 as a ministry to migrant workers. Each week, we spend time teaching English and basic computer skills as well as sharing Bible...
Together on Mission
Together on Mission is a collection of stories from international workers coming from various Christian and Missionary Alliance Regions.
Safe House for Children at Risk
Our international workers in Thailand are opening a safe house for children who are rescued from human trafficking.
What Does the Global Advance Fund Pay For?
It feels sometimes like we drop our money in the offering plate but have little idea of the good that it really does. Learn of a few of the ways that God uses your giving to the Global Advance Fund.
Alliance World Fellowship – Day 2 in Bangkok
Ron Brown reflects on his second day in Bangkok for the Alliance World Fellowship's (AWF) Quadrennial Convocation 2016 (October 11–16, Bangkok, Thailand).
Intern(ational) Adventures: Surprised by Love
Kaura-lea Dueck completed her eight-month internship through Ambrose University's onSite program in northern Thailand. She recounts how God used that experience to change her heart and call her to full-time missions in Phuket, Thailand.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Dodging and Developing
“Liam” was an intern with an international worker couple who serve a least-reached people group in the Asian Spice region. He recounts his time of doing development work in a rural area.
Small Town Taiwan
The Hidden in Plain Sight ministry focuses on planting churches among the working-class people in Taiwan, a demographic where Christianity makes up half a percent of the people.
A Future in Missions
As a single mom for 25 years and widowed for the past 15, Kathy had several international workers (IWs) stay in her home. She became fascinated with their stories.
Sweeter Than Honey
Praise God with IWs from Thailand that two of their friends are beginning their faith journeys with Jesus!
Updates from Around the World
Many families leave their villages to sell their handmade jewellery. Distributing these items through Brave Heart Collective will decrease the necessity for families to travel far from home.
Out with the Idols, In with the Fish
After a mother and a daughter had the same dream from God, they replaced the idol shelf in the nursing home they run with a fish tank.
Linda the Seeker
Over cups of coffee, Emmanuelle experienced the victories and losses of sharing the Gospel with her friend.
Jaffray Cheese Pie
A cheesecake recipe from Robert Jaffray’s wife has been passed down among generations of international workers.
Miracles Pouring Down
A prayer for sunshine caused a 150-year-old rainfall record to be broken.
The Gift of Education
Can you imagine waking up one morning to find you had to make it through your day without basic math? Our IWs are sent to care for the whole being.
Finding Home
I was eager and excited for this new adventure, but I wasn’t blind to the reality that in a short while, everything and everyone I knew would be replaced by the unfamiliar.
Valentine’s Day in the Red Light District
God’s message of love was shared within the red light district of Phuket, Thailand, this Valentine’s Day. Over 1000 gift bags and flowers were handed out to the vulnerable workers of Bangla Road.
Reaching Out to “Salarymen”
The Japan team needs prayer to effectively reach out to Japanese office workers, also known as “salarymen.”
Prepared to Go
Both Ray and Cindy have attended and been involved with Alliance churches their entire lives. They dedicated their lives to God in high school and attended Canadian Bible School in Regina, SK, where they met.
Updates from Around the World Spring 2017
Praise and prayer items from our workers.
A Regional Video - Asian Spice
Spreading Like Wildfire
For several years, I have been part of a Bible translation team in the Asian Spice Region. My role is to help automate the publishing process and distribute the Scriptures in ways that make them easily accessible to the people among whom we live.