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Forgiving My Abuser
Missionaries introduced Phearom to Jesus, and forgiving his abusive stepfather brought the entire family to Christ.
Fun with Fulani Friends
IW Kristi Hopf shares her experience at a baby-naming ceremony with her Fulani friends.
Cova turned down a lucrative business career to share the Good News to his people group in Guinea.
International Church Boom
With these large numbers of Christ followers on the move, and most nations wanting to prove to the global market that they offer freedom of religion, we are seeing international churches popping up in places of which we previously only dreamed.
Mrs. Lamaah Learns to Read
Kindness and literacy classes are opening the door to the hearts of many women, who are being introduced to God’s Kingdom.
Youth Pray for the Nations
Rexdale Alliance Church used the Prayer in Motion event to mobilize youth to pray for the nations of the world and for least-reached people groups for 24 hours.
Moon Flower and Apple Flower
Two sisters are impacting the next generation of their nation because international workers from around the world have invested in their lives.
Revival in T-Town
After ten years of faithful witness, one of our IWs is reaping the harvest of a revival in one town, which is now spilling into a neighbouring village.
Nice to Meet You: Kathy Johnson
Leaving for Guinea in July 2016, Kathy Johnson gives us a glimpse of her journey leading up to her calling of living on mission overseas.
Source of Power
The village sorcerer enters into a Christian woman’s business and asks her to use her electricity to charge her phone, which presents the question, “Where is the origin of your source of power?”
Breaking through the Shell
God can use the eagerness of children of international workers to break through the shell that encases the hearts of their friends from the truth.
Caring for Co-workers
This IW exchanged criticism with encouragement in the workplace, and God’s love poured down on her co-workers.
What Does the Global Advance Fund Pay For?
It feels sometimes like we drop our money in the offering plate but have little idea of the good that it really does. Learn of a few of the ways that God uses your giving to the Global Advance Fund.
The 10/40 Window Explained
Find out what the 10/40 Window is, and see how the C&MA in Canada is participating in this geographical area.
Intern(ational) Adventures: Stories Under the Stars
Katie was an intern in the WAVE program. She recounts her experience of being an intern for two years in Niger and Guinea.
(Intern)ational Adventures: Holding Gods Hand in Africa
“Michael” was an intern in the WAVE program. He recounts how this experience shaped him.
Lasting Happiness
An international worker was able to use his past experience with drugs and alcohol to explain to a seeking friend that these things will not provide lasting happiness.
Lifting Fear Aside
An international worker from the Desert Sand region shares how God delivered him from intense fear after witnessing his son’s leg getting run over by a bus.
118 People in 5 Days
When the Niger team sat down to calculate how many lives the love of God had touched that week, they were astounded!
The Spiritual Challenge of “Showing Up”
Sometimes, God asks us to be present and available.
Valentine’s Day in the Red Light District
God’s message of love was shared within the red light district of Phuket, Thailand, this Valentine’s Day. Over 1000 gift bags and flowers were handed out to the vulnerable workers of Bangla Road.
Purchasing a Gospel Opportunity
God told an international worker to buy a wicker basket at the price five times its value as a Gospel opportunity.
Age is Just a Number
International workers were amazed that a 14-year-old boy could be so curious about the Gospel.
Reaching Out to “Salarymen”
The Japan team needs prayer to effectively reach out to Japanese office workers, also known as “salarymen.”
Well Well Well
THREE well-digging projects have begun in three different village areas in Niger.
The Compassion and Forgiveness of Jesus
Seekers in North Africa fell in love with traits of Christ that they couldn’t find in their own religious belief system.