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Prepared to Go

April 4th, 2017 | in Least Reached People |    2   

Prepared to Go

New workers follow God’s leading into global ministries

Note: This article first appeared on page 7 in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Alliance Connection magazine.

Caribbean Sun/Mexico

Ray and Cindy Perry

Ray and Cindy PerryBoth Ray and Cindy have attended and been involved with Alliance churches their entire lives. They dedicated their lives to God in high school and attended Canadian Bible School in Regina, SK, where they met.

Right after graduation they served in Cold Lake, AB (Grand Centre Alliance Church). This was followed by ministry in Sherwood Park Alliance, in Gregory Drive Alliance in Chatham, ON, and at Stony Plain Alliance Church, AB, working with youth and missions.

Ray and Cindy love to be with students and minister to them. This passion has turned into a calling.
The Perrys will serve as Envision Site Coordinators in Mexico City, directing young people as they decipher God’s call on their lives.

Asian Spice Region


Lisa accepted Jesus at age 16. Due to circumstances around her parents’ divorce, she went to live with a couple from her church. Lisa’s experience with this family led her to give her life fully to Jesus. She made a vow to God to be the kind of person to others that this family had been to her.

A few years later, Lisa took a step of faith and served in Mozambique for 10 years. She experienced challenges on the field but never once thought God abandoned her.

Lisa experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit while taking an Inner Healing course.

After this experience she enjoyed a new hunger for God, His Word became alive; she was filled with joy and her faith grew.

As she looks to the future in church ministry, she is excited about the new challenges and opportunities as she journeys with God into new frontiers.

Desert Sand and Silk Road Regions


Growing up in the church, Ricky was like the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son— involved in much religious activity but with no genuine affection for God.

It was not until his first year of university that God began to open his eyes to the glories in
Christ Jesus.

Ricky’s passion is for the people of North Africa living in the Desert Sand and Silk Road regions. As an Envision apprentice, he will be joining two respective teams with the same vision. This will involve linguistic and cultural learning to appropriately communicate and display the love of Christ to the people of North Africa. He will focus on developing relationships with university students and local friends.

Silk Road/Germany

Karissa Gilbertson

Karissa GgilbertsonKarissa grew up as a third culture kid in South America. Following high school, she took part in a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Germany. At 18, she experienced a sense of calling to full-time ministry.

During her first four years back in Canada, Karissa experienced a season of personal and spiritual dryness; however, she also sensed a re-affirmation of that original call into full-time ministry outside of Canada.

In the past two years, Karissa has been serving NewSongHD in Heidelberg, Germany, as an apprentice alongside Ralph and Ruth Shareski. She will continue serving in Germany as a full-time international worker.

Silk Road/Norway

Glen and Ivy Milanowski

Glen and Ivy MilanowskiGlen grew up in a Catholic home, but stopped practicing Catholicism at 18. He believed in Jesus after meeting Ivy at work and attending church with her. An alter call at Urbana in 2012 led him to dedicate his life to the Lord’s work.

Ivy gave her life to God at 16. During her first short-term trip to Norway, she heavily felt the Gospel debt in the culture.
The Milanowskis will be ministering to the young people of Norway. It is their dream to be a part of cross-cultural ministry to youth and ultimately for Christ-centered family values to flourish in Scandinavia.



The C&MA in Canada

We're made of people in churches who send people to share love, truth and hope with people around the world, people who may never have heard the name "Jesus" before.


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September 28th, 2017

This work is concerning all of us christian in the world but we need support from others to be more experienced, that salvation need discipleship from others.