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Stories of Physical and Relational Healing

March 24th, 2017 | in Health and Healing |    0   

I(Paul) work with a media ministry that uses Facebook as a platform to develop relationships, disciple new believers, and present the Gospel. These are a few of the short stories of the ministry’s contact with individuals.


May* told us that she couldn’t see clearly because she has a problem with her eyes, so she asked us to pray. We prayed for her in our team meeting. She called us back and said that she began to see clearer. We realized that this happened at the exact same time as when we were praying for her. Later, she called again and said she has a small issue with her eyesight again and wants us to continue to pray for complete healing.

Pray that May will seek the One who can bring healing to her soul!


Laila* is a believer and a widow. She has a son and daughter studying at university. She had some problems with her sister-in-law, and she suspected that her sister-in-law encouraged her brother to dislike her as well. They stopped communicating with each other.

We talked with Laila about forgiveness and God’s standards for forgiveness, that we as God’s children should follow His standards and not human ones.

Laila confessed that God’s standards are high and too difficult for her. She couldn’t promise that she would do what He wanted her to, but she asked us to pray for her regarding this issue.

Five months later, Laila contacted us to tell us the good news that she reconciled with her brother and sister-in-law! She also thanked us for our support and prayers.


Without your generous giving, Paul and Janelle would not be able to serve the people of their host country. Please give to the Global Advance Fund to help God’s Kingdom thrive in the Desert Sand region.

*Names changed to protect identity.


Paul and Janelle

Paul and Janelle are international workers serving in a creative access context within the Desert Sand region.

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