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Oil Change Day

December 9th, 2016 | in Generosity |    2   

Oil Change Day started at our house 12 years ago. We opened our home to seniors, widows, single moms, and the unemployed to provide free oil changes and other maintenance. As a licensed mechanic, I take care of the garage area and find sponsors to provide all the oil, oil filters, air filters, all engine compartment fluids, and fuel injection cleaner.

Barb, my wife, uses her awesome administration skills by organizing time slots for each person and making food to feed all the volunteers and the people who come for oil changes. She has people who help greet, serve food, and clean up while she answers the phone to take in car information.

We do this twice a year in early spring and in the fall. We start at 7:00am and end around 3:00pm, servicing 50 to 57 cars each time.

In the spring of 2016, First Alliance Church had finished a construction project that included an addition to the church garage for maintenance equipment. We were asked if we would like to have Oil Change Day there, which would allow us a lot more room to work.

Again, we needed God to provide sponsors to provide enough tools for three full bays, an industrial-sized air compressor, a car/truck hoist, a tool chest, etc.

God did provide, and we are now servicing cars at the church with no labour costs. Barb makes sure everyone is fed inside the church with the help of Harvest Ministries and volunteers.

We are thankful to be able to expand this ministry and reach out to our community.

Dale and Barb Sevcik

Dale and Barb attend First Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta. They are car enthusiasts and founded Oil Change Day.

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Andre Dennis Collins
March 29th, 2018

I would like to know how to register for oil changes as I'm a senior on a fixed income

Kelly Cochrane
October 11th, 2017

What a fantastic idea. This is a powerful way to show the love of Christ in a way that is tangible. Way to go! Eph 2:10