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Mist and Revival

July 5th, 2017 | in Leader Blogs |    3   

One of the significant encounters I experienced this year was at the Church Renewal Weekend at Southland Church, in Steinbach, Manitoba.

In this small community located about 60 kilometres from Winnipeg, God is doing some amazing things. For the past decade, the church has been calling its people into a lifestyle of confessional living, with a focus on repentance, surrender, filling of the Holy Spirit, and listening prayer.

The outpouring of God’s blessing has now expanded the church to over 4,000 people, and it is having a global impact.
One of the most impactful aspects of the Church Renewal Weekend is the prayer summit. More than 2,000 people gather together to pray, and it feels like a taste of Heaven. At the summit, visitors have the opportunity to be prayed for by church members.

When it was time for visitors to receive prayer, my wife and I were thrilled to be part of a group of five young adults. All of them have been trained in listening prayer and prophetic ministries.

They asked what was on my heart and how they could pray for me. My immediate response was, “Please pray that God would bring fresh spiritual renewal to The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.” (These young adults had no idea about the Alliance or even my leadership role.)

They laid hands on me and listened for several minutes. A young man sitting to my right began to speak. He said:

I see a vineyard in pristine condition. Everything is in perfect order, nothing is out of place. It is obvious that great care and thought have been invested in the care of the vineyard. However, there is no water; everything is completely dry. I see you on your knees with your hands raised in the air crying out for rain. In the distance I see a large storm cloud forming.

I began to imagine a great downpour about to burst; however, he said, “This storm will not produce a downpour but will arrive like a mist.” As soon as he said the word “mist”, I felt a cool wetness on the back of my neck. It was refreshing and exhilarating. It lasted for the next 24 hours.

I asked the Lord to explain to me the meaning of the mist. Very clearly, God revealed three things:

1. First, the mist must touch the leaders. It must revive the people of influence first.
2. Second, mist lingers long. Storms come in quickly and leave quickly, but mist stays for a long time.
3. Finally, mist gets into the places where the storm cannot. We can insulate ourselves from a downpour, but mist moves unhindered into the deepest spaces to saturate with moisture.

The picture was powerful. The renewal God wants to bring will be deep and will linger long. It will be a habitation, not just a visitation. I began to pray, “Bring the mist Lord, bring the mist!”

Still today I have moments when I sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and it feels like mist on the back of my neck. Perhaps this is a sign of God’s faithfulness to renew His people.

President Dave Hearn

Dave Hearn, President of the C&MA in Canada

Dave Hearn has held C&MA leadership positions at local church and District levels. He served as District Superintendent for the Canadian Pacific District from 2005 to July 2012.  He loves spending time with his family, and he's passionate about living on mission fearlessly.


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Rick Gay
May 25th, 2018

How good to read this report from our President. But the extra special bonus/blessing for me/us (Jan and I) is to see a comment from our dear friends and former parishioners Bethany and Eric Aplin! Thank you Bethany for your comment and thank you for your prayers! So exciting!

Samuel Enochoghene
September 22nd, 2017

This is most encouraging to hear. Thank you sir for sharing. May it fulfill all that the Lord has in His heart for it. Shalom and love to all the Saints with you

Bethany Aplin
July 9th, 2017

thanks for this David, we have very dear friends who have family at Southland church, Eric and I have been thrilled to be part of a group that practices Listening Prayer -- we will pray for you and Agnes as you continue to minister so faithfully to those God places in your path -- may the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace and joy and a constant spritzing of the mist of His presence -- Blessings to you both, with fond memories and great thankfulness to God for placing you in our lives many years ago