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Mission Focus: Asian Spice – Phuket Ministry Centre

October 18th, 2017 | in C&MA Culture |    1   

The Phuket Ministry Centre exists to break chains of injustice, in the name and power of Christ, so that people can live the lives they were called to live and change the world.

Every week, IWs offer free hair and nail care to women in the heart of the red light district. This salon outreach began in March of 2017 and has created many opportunities to build friendships, gain trust, and pray over this vulnerable demographic. The IWs hope to provide salon training for some of these ladies in the near future; to provide skills that will lift them out of injustice.

Sarah* is a young girl who was trafficked to Thailand from Uganda four years ago. She was in need of medical attention but had no money to go back home nor receive medical services. She was crying in her apartment one night, asking God for help, not wanting to die alone in a foreign country. She stumbled upon a phone number of an agency, which connected her to the Phuket Ministry Centre, and eventually met our IWs at the salon outreach. A short-term team was in Phuket at the time and wanted to financially contribute towards getting Sarah home. Sarah had been in Thailand for over two years without a proper visa and would need to pay extra fines at the airport upon her departure. As the IWs helped Sarah book her return flight, they found that the amount of money the short-term team had donated two days prior, was equal to the total costs of her ticket and visa fine.  A total of 47,000 baht! God provided exactly what she needed. Sarah was in tears, thanking our IWs over and over again. She was in shock and amazed that God listened to her cry. As she returns home, she has been accepted to a hair school in Kenya, where she’ll have the opportunity to learn skills doing dignified work.  


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October 19th, 2017

Praise God for this amazing story! May your life always be marked by His loving care *Sarah! Thank you to all those who donated time, efforts and money to make this possible. Thank you Sovereign Lord! :)