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Lifting Fear Aside

February 13th, 2017 | in Health and Healing |    0   

Behind schedule, frustrated, in a rush: that's where I (Paul) was as I left our apartment. I'm sure you know the feeling.
I had my youngest son in one arm, a plate of Christmas cookies in the other, and my oldest son was walking behind me as we rushed down the street to find a taxi so that we wouldn't miss my daughter’s preschool Christmas program.

My arm is felt like it was going to fall off from the weight of my son, so I start to speed up a bit to get to the spot where we can find a taxi and put him down. The traffic was backed up ahead of us, so I started to cross the street with “Beau” a couple of steps behind me.

Just before we started to cross the street, a micro-bus had passed by. When the driver saw the traffic backed up in front of him, he decided to go another way. He slammed the vehicle in reverse—and guess who was right behind the bus.

Just a Scratch 

Holding “Karter,” I was bumped by the micro-bus, but I was able to bounce off and stay standing while holding the cookies.

Beau didn't fare so well. The micro-bus hit Beau, he fell down, and then the tire rolled over his leg.

Everyone on the street started yelling at the driver to stop. I came around the back of the bus to hear Beau screaming, and by that time, there was a crowd of people around him.

I was fearing the worst. I thought for sure he had broken a bone. In true cultural fashion, I had tons of free advice, juice boxes for the boys, and any help I needed. It felt like total mayhem on top of Beau's cries. Beau didn't want to be touched by anyone anymore, so I picked him up and solicited some help from local teenagers to carry Karter, and we walked back home.

After having x-rays done a few hours later, Beau decided to put weight on his leg again. The next day, he seemed none the worse for wear despite the visible scratches on his leg.

The physical impact of this event was small, but the emotional/spiritual impact continued for weeks.


I started to see accidents in my mind every time I was out with the kids, and it started to create intense fear. I had a sense that there was something spiritual to this problem. Everything became clear to me once the district superintendent from the Western Canadian District visited.

He and a few others met with us in our home, and God spoke. There are two amazing things God did in that time together. The first happened as we took time to ask God where He was in the moment when the micro-bus ran over Beau.

Immediately, I saw an angel bend down and lift the weight of the bus over Beau’s leg as it backed over him. That negative memory transformed from trauma and fear into a memory of God's provision and protection.

Second, the district superintendent felt like I needed to have a set pattern of defence against the thoughts and images that were plaguing me. That was a great word of wisdom, and I was able to think and pray through what that may be. It took about a week of being consistent with that, and then I was free from the way the enemy was trying to increase fear in my life.


Without your generous giving, Paul and Janelle would not be able to serve the people of their host country. Please give to the Global Advance Fund to help God’s Kingdom thrive in the region.


Paul and Janelle

Paul and Janelle are international workers serving in a creative access context within the Desert Sand region.

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