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Fulfillment after Retirement

February 16th, 2017 | in Inspiring People |    0   

The word "retirement" can be frightening when one realizes that those days are coming closer.

The thought, "Who would ever hire an old man like me?" reverberated in my mind.

After 40 years of serving with The Christian and Missionary Alliance as an international worker, I looked forward to the last of my "missionary tours" that the Alliance had lined up for me and my wife. After that, then what?

Using Developed Skills

One day, I received a call from the elementary school where our daughter-in-law works, asking if I would like to fill their need for a custodian.

Once I was working at the school, I noticed quite a few parent/teacher meetings with parents who could only speak Spanish and realized that they could not understand each other. The children would sometimes be called in to interpret, but the teachers soon realized that something became lost in translation.

The teacher would say, "We've had some discipline trouble with your son."

Then the son would translate the sentence as, "The teacher says that I'm really behaving myself well."

When the school found out that I speak Spanish and can translate, the teachers asked me to come to the meetings and help with the interpretations. The county school administrators soon called to see if I could work full time as an interpreter in different schools.

I worked with different schools as an interpreter for a couple of years. Then a job opened up for a Spanish/English interpreter in our local hospital. I was able to help our Spanish-speaking population break the language barrier. Some of the patients even asked me to pray for them right there in our public hospital!

Resting in Her Father’s Presence

One unforgettable experience was when a baby girl was born ten weeks early. She was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Once his wife's condition stabilized, the baby's father asked if he could go to the NICU to see his baby daughter. I asked the nurse if he could do that, and she said, "Yes."


I took him to the NICU, and he went through the long process of washing his hands up to his elbows. His little daughter was in an incubator isolate crib, with tubes stuck into various parts of her body. Her tiny body was stretched out, and her hands were opened wide.

The father looked at me and asked, "Can I touch her?"

I asked the nurse if that would be possible, and she said, "Yes."

The father carefully put his hand through the tiny opening of her crib and gently touched her little open hand. She immediately closed her hand around his finger. I could almost hear her deep sigh of relief, and her little voice saying, "Ah, daddy's here."

Even the nurse had tears in her eyes as she saw how that tiny baby girl reacted to hearing her daddy's voice and felt his presence close to her.

It made me think of the many times I sensed the presence of God close to me, even as I approached retirement. In spite of the thundering circumstances around me, I sensed His nearness and could say, "Ah, my Heavenly Father is indeed close to me. He hasn't abandoned me; He's right here by my side."

David and Marilyn Miller.png

David and Marilyn Miller

David and Marilyn served as C&MA international workers in several Latin American countries for forty years. They have worked in the jungles, in radio ministry, and helped church plants grow. They retired in 2005.

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